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Top 10 European Marketplaces to Increase Your Sales

The European goods market continues to be the world’s top commerce arena with countries like Switzerland, Germany, France, the UK, and Spain driving the highest mid-range to luxury product sales in the world. As someone who creates products from an international perspective based on the technical requirements of your country, you might find an awesome international fanbase in Europe that can truly appreciate the novelty of your vision! Here are the top 10 European marketplaces to suit the versatile needs of your business in 2024.

Why Choose Europe For Your Sales?

Europe is home to some of the richest countries in the world with a large group of customers willing to purchase from new and growing businesses with a capacity to introduce something new. In the European market, more than 15% of retail sales take place through eCommerce platforms – this means sellers from across the world including the USA, China, and India can enter this industry easily.

Europe is beneficial for several reasons.

  • Groceries, raw materials, and finished goods are often imported by retailers and wholesalers from other countries, especially North America, South Asia, and the Middle East.
  • Demand for big, luxury brands like Apple is steadily increasing in the European Marketplace meaning hundreds of users are looking towards International sellers to sell good quality accessories and services.
  • European countries have a fashion requirement distinct from that of Asia and North America. There is a growing popularity for South Korean beauty brands, American bags and shoes, Chinese household products, Indian and African body care, etc.
  • Europe collectively has a culture that focuses on sustainability and originality. Handmade products and services by small businesses are in great demand here.
  • You have made trade in European countries increasingly simple and you can simultaneously sell in 3 to 27 different countries under a single market union with the help of these E-Commerce platforms.
  • Some of the most affluent economies in the world are located in Europe, meaning there is a greater demand for ethically produced goods here than anywhere else on the planet.

10 European Marketplaces That Won’t Disappoint You In 2024

  • Amazon

How To Launch Amazon Products In Amazon Europe In 2019

Seems like this American, international brand cannot be beaten by any other distributor. Amazon continues to be one of the leading online shopping platforms in most of Europe including countries like the UK, France, Italy, and Spain.

Amazon has a dedicated server for each country. If you want to sell in France, you can become an international exporter pending to more than 200 countries and territories through 18 International markets – amazon.fr being one of them. The easiest way to sell online in Europe from any part of the world is through Amazon, undoubtedly!

  • AliExpress

Discover new, inviting markets for your products by listing them at amazing discounts on AliExpress. Depending on your target customer base, Alibaba GGS might be one of the most profitable platforms if you sell items like warehouse products, household items, accessories, etc in bulk.

AliExpress offers 24/7 support for export issues and caters to about 190 countries across the world. Electronics, fashion, toys, stationery, and a lot more can find buyers and you can slowly build your brand. This is one of the best options for merchants in the UK, China, Japan, etc who want to tap into the European marketplace.

  • OTTO

About OTTO for Business

This brand existed way before the internet became a thing and even today has a hold on the European marketplace like no other platform. Otto describes itself as an international sourcing company that believes in sustainability and competency.

Otto supports small businesses and local sellers who can introduce their unique culture to the International customer base. Once again the company has a strict selection process and only sellers who have registered their international business in Germany can be included in the traders list at a basic fee of 39.90€.

  • Allegro

A far more easily accessible European marketplace is Allegro, one of the best digital seller’s solutions in Poland. Not only does Allegro list brothers from around the world but also regularly creates content that helps you understand how to do business better in this part of the world.

Allegro Finance is an incredibly fast and secure payment method that does not charge you any commission. Allegro office management tools so that you can ship your orders and track them in a single place with no mistakes!

  • El Corte Ingles

El Corte Inglés - Wikipedia

This massive and profitable e-commerce solution is located in Spain, one of the most popular sizes in the home country as well as Portugal. It is an amazing platform to sell clothing, footwear, bags, jewelry, flower arrangements, furniture home decor, etc.

El Corte Ingles is a high-end retail platform where your products can find a truly appreciated and dedicated customer base. The platform gives you an option to directly connect your website with this digital marketplace. They offer a 15-day free trial and excellent tools to optimize international product listings and maximize sales on the website.

  • Temu

This is a discounted, low-price e-commerce platform that is dedicated to the customer base that wants products with 90% discounts or even for free! The company is based in China and continues to be one of the most popular e-commerce websites in most Western and Eastern European countries.

Temo is best for independently operating, small businesses that can come up with the right low-price strategy and connect directly with the buyers over the platform. Anyone from countries in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa can register with this platform as it is open to all.

  • eBay

The platform is one of the leading places for electronics and automobile purchases, especially in countries like Germany and France. eBay Global Trade also opens up the doors of international trading for small businesses selling unique and novel homemade and handcrafted items to the European market online.

eBay has great payment facilities and even lets sellers receive money through international money orders. You can easily list items and even receive help in shipping internationally as a first-time seller on eBay. In all of these countries, eBay strikes out as the safest place to buy second-hand goods and items, too.

  • Kaufland.de

Multimedia Produkte günstig kaufen » große Auswahl auf Kaufland.de

The German distributor is known for its systematic efficiency. ‘Kauf’ means to buy, and the site lets you simultaneously sign up and sell European products online in Germany, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. The basic plan including VAT for registration is 39.95€ per month. You can sell in 8 countries with countries-specific sale channels provided by the platform.

Kaufland charges a 0% commission and offers first-level customer service in a number of languages besides English and German. The best part is that you can terminate your contract whenever you feel like this is no longer working for you – there is no minimum time period for sellers!

  • Spartoo

This is one of the leading apparel and accessories platforms in France, Spain, and nearby countries where you can find a market distinctly different from countries like the USA, China, and India. Currently, it is affiliated with 350 branches and operates in over 30 countries in more than 12 different languages.

Spartoo offers a free 6-month subscription to sellers who have partnered with Koongo. To customers, they offer a guaranteed 30-day return which is free in several countries. It actively manages, prevents, and educates sellers about fraud and only charges about 15% to 20% commission on each sale.

  • La Redoute

Another way to tap into the European marketplace through the classy French gateway is La Redoute. It also operates in 149 additional countries. Sellers can list fashion, home decor, electronics, jewelry, bags, shoes, watches etc on this platform. 

La Redoute is picky about who they associate themselves with and has a strict selection process because of which currently only 650 sellers are listed on the website. You will receive information about any issues from the official La Redoute customer service. This is an ideal platform for those who want to expand their business into the European beauty industry and have a moderate, well-structured, original brand to help them do so. 

How To Choose The Right European Marketplace

With all their pomp and sparkle, not every European Marketplace is going to be suitable for your company or business. Here is how you can shortlist from a wide number of possible options to choose the one that values your product and services the most.

  • Know Your Customer Base: An E-Commerce platform is made up of its customers. While Europe as a whole is an amazing commercial opportunity not every customer base will shop from the same digital marketplace. If you are an authentic brand that wants to sell mid-range to luxury clothing for example you would go on ASOS, but if you want to sell basic products at extensive discounts you will choose Temo. Do your research and find out beforehand everything that there is to know about your target customer. After all, you will need to promote your products too, and this is going to help!
  • Be Clear About Your Budget: Most marketplaces will charge a lot from International sellers as a part of the monthly registration fee. When your business is starting to kick off you will need to pay this fee from your pocket – so you need to set specific goals and plans on how you are going to make enough to cross the registration fee ceiling and start making profits. It is no use playing it risky and investing in eCommerce platforms that are super expensive to maintain. Allocate your funds properly to make sure you have enough for marketing campaigns, manufacture, and export.
  • Read Through The Eligibility Criteria Carefully: Some International platforms like Amazon and eBay have more or less similar eligibility criteria as well as a registration process which makes it super easy to sell on these platforms. Other websites that are dedicated to certain countries like Germany and France will require you to maintain several eligibility criteria that might or might not be possible for you right now. Most of the time it is best to contact an agent from the platform of your choice and ask them if you can register. In most places we also expect you to own a business license of the respective country, for example!
  • Customer Support And Sales Tools: Most e-commerce marketplaces in Europe will offer you customer support and several tools to help make the process of selling products easy. But there are only some platforms that provide what they promise and filtering these out from the rest is essential. You can read past reviews from international sellers and talk to eCommerce representatives to get a better idea of what kind of customer service is being provided by these platforms. Certain websites and apps prefer to overshadow International sellers and promote homegrown brands; it is very important to stay away from such marketplaces, of course!


Deciding to sell in the marketplace in Europe is about accepting and facing challenges from a culture distinct from our own. There are many expectations that you will have to meet in countries like Germany and Spain that we don’t have to meet at home. At the same time, this will bring forward countless new opportunities and create a capacity for your business to challenge international competitors, all the while improving your products to meet the highest possible standards at a profitable, sustainable pace.


  • Which are the leading European marketplaces in Germany?

Otto, Amazon, eBay, Kaufland, Temo, etc are some of the best marketplaces in Germany. 

  • How do I sell products in the UK?

 You can sell products as an international merchant in the UK on European marketplace platforms like Amazon, ASOS, Argos, eBay, etc.

  • Is AliExpress banned in Europe?

AliExpress is not banned in Europe, however, it is expected that the EU will impose stricter measures on this e-commerce platform to ensure it is properly monitoring the illegal sale of products and services. 

  • Do European marketplaces charge e-commerce registration fees?

 Many European e-commerce platforms charge between 30€ to 50€ per month for registering with their marketplace.

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