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Shoppers spend twice as long on Temu app as opposed to its competitors: Report

You must be aware of that one e-commerce app that has taken the US market by storm and it is known as Temu which is owned by PDD Holdings of China. The popularity of Temu in the US is so much that it overtook Alibaba in China to become the biggest e-commerce player in the market. It is reported by Apptopia, as per research, that Temu users spend 18 minutes on average on the platform as compared to the industry standard of 7-11 minutes across different platforms such as Etsy(7) and AliExpress(11), among others. The time spent by younger users is 19 minutes on average which is exceptional.

Research firm Apptopia claims that “Shoppers are spending almost twice as long on Temu, the online shopping juggernaut backed by Chinese heavyweight PDD Holdings Inc., than they are on the apps of major rivals like Amazon.com Inc.” It was added that “On average, users spent 18 minutes per day on the Temu app in the second quarter, compared with 10 minutes for Amazon and 11 minutes for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s AliExpress, based on Apptopia’s device-level analysis. Among younger users, the time spent on Temu was 19 minutes”

As per the report, “Time spent on Temu, or user engagement, continues to rise, extending its increase through October to about 22 minutes and widening the gap with shopping giants like Amazon, Walmart Inc. and Target Corp.” Understanding the reason behind this high engagement, it is mentioned that “The addictive app is core to the strategy. It allows users to play games to win rewards, including spinning a roulette-like wheel to win a coupon — which goes up in value if you buy something within 10 minutes”.

“The Temu app is available in more than 40 countries, though none have taken to it like customers in the US, where it’s Apple Inc.’s top app most days this year and sales have well and truly surpassed bargain-shopping giant Shein”. The report also mentions that “Temu is keen to convert one-time bargain-hunting buyers into repeat customers that will drive sustainable sales growth.” For this reason, they are enticing the users to shop again with discounts and offers on top of the already-discounted prices.

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