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The next big thing in e-commerce could be livestreaming

We know that trends keep on changing and new trends start to emerge as far as shopping and people’s habits are concerned. It is seen that people who were only shopping from retail stores a few years back have started to shop online and in this COVID-19 world, we know that most of us are forced to buy online. Another fact is that retailers are finding it hard to keep their stores running meaning that e-commerce is going to rule the world soon. As far as online shopping is concerned, we do have trends in that as well.

At first, we saw that people were hesitant to get orders delivered to their homes for privacy reasons and they would opt for pickup from stores. Now that things have changed, people are ordering at their homes regardless of privacy since it is convenient and there have been no security issues as well. A new report has now emerged which says that there will be a new trend in e-commerce as well. This new trend is going to be live streaming and let us explain how this will take place.

In what might be related mostly to retailers selling fashion items, the “retail influencers were live streaming inside of boutiques, offering product closeups and even trying on clothes, shoes and jewellery for an online audience”. Now, this is something we know is possible only via retail stores because you cannot try the clothes in online stores.

For those who don’t know, Livestreaming is very popular in China and they are used to seeing their favourite influencers cooking, eating, changing clothes as well as other things so rest of the world will start to understand the benefits and adapt to it soon. Live streaming will also be a way to reach customers who can’t go out due to the virus threat.

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