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The Human Bean launches new e-commerce store and franchise portal in the US

If you love your coffee and you stay in the US then you would have heard about the famous coffee chain in the country that is “The Human Bean”. It is very popular in the North American region and has been running for almost a few decades now. We are here to tell you that this famous chain has finally adopted the modern technology and have launched its own e-commerce store. Along with that, the company has now started a new franchisee portal as well where it will sell its franchisee to other people so that others can benefit from their brand name as well.

“For the main website, we wanted to infuse energy into our drink descriptions and e-commerce store. It’s fun and dynamic, and it represents the kind of experience you have when you visit The Human Bean drive-thrus. It’s true to who we are,” says CFO of The Human Bean. The Human Bean’s Franchise COO says “The Human Bean has grown to a nationwide company because we continue to pick and attract the right kind of partners. And then we provide guidance and tools to make their ownership experience really enjoyable and rewarding. This new website that’s dedicated to our franchise family is part of that endeavour,”

It is worth noting that The Human Bean currently has 150 locations all over the US where they serve their high quality coffee and it is currently owned by the company itself but with its new franchisee model, the numbers will grow even bigger. Also worth noting is the fact that these stores are drive-thru ones which means that they operate in a smaller area compared to a cafe but this could change once the franchise models are launched. While the drive-thru coffee shops have been growing in demand as the people in US like to grab their coffee while they are heading for work, it is also to be noted that the demand that they saw during the pandemic has died down because of the social distancing norms being relaxed meaning that people can now sit inside cafes and stores to enjoy their coffee.

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