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Singapore e-commerce brand Mdada’s users complain about late deliveries and more

You must be aware that any e-commerce brand that has ever existed or is currently in production will only be profitable once it detects the time to solve basic errors. For example, if you visit a doctor today then you will see that there will be wanting to repeat the same medicines but since this is a general doctor, anyone can take photos with them. At the same time, it is worth noting that the trust on brand from its customers is gained when it delivers the products on time and the deals are also good apart from the fact that the product is in good condition as well. Now, it is known that Singapore’s Mdada group recently launched an e-commerce platform and now its users are complaining about delay in delivery as well as no proper luggage management among other things.

One customer said, “I ordered from existing stock, as opposed to getting it made-to-order, so I could get the bag more quickly,”. “It’s disappointing as I was expecting it to arrive by March, but it’s already May.” She added “The bag looks old and dirty, as though it had been left on the shelf for a long time,” and even said that “It’s quite sad… The quality of what I received is really subpar.” Now, these are the pillars on which your website should be determined and not get lost in the crowd. This is also the reason why Standard Dispute Framework, an authority on this matter, has started telling the platforms that it should give great assurance to people who are ordering online. One of the main reasons why people hesitate shopping online is because they feel that the products they receive will be defective and if that’s the case, they don’t want to go through the entire returns process.

We should also note that not everything is going right at the company because a senior official from the company just resigned earlier this year citing difference in “corporate governance”. Some people believe that this is also the reason why their shipments are delivered which could also be a reason.

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