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Snapchat’s Dynamic ads for e-commerce retailers rolls out worldwide

Dynamic ads are the newest advertising option of Snapchat! Yes, this new technology enables advertisers to automatically create ads in real-time using its vast product catalog and the best part is that is is available to all users worldwide and not restricted to the US alone!

There are a wide variety of mobile-ready templates for the advertisers to choose from. It is tech-friendly and very easy to operate and above all very time efficient as the advertisers don’t have to spend extra time in manually creating new ads in the Snapchat’s vertical format.

So the advertiser can build his ad in real-time and the icing on the cake is that as the price changes, the ad automatically adjusts!

Credits: TechCrunch

The COVID 19 pandemic has thrown the challenge of more and more people working online whether it is business or banking or retailing or any other work! But the biggest beneficiary has been the E-commerce sites as they have delivered during these crises.

The challenge today is to influence the consumer sitting at home on his smartphone/ laptop to buy your stuff. Therefore direct response revenue advertising is much more relevant today than anything else and Snapchat has noted that more than half of its earning is due to it.

For the daily 229  million active users of Snapchat, such a technology is not only workable but also price friendly in times when advertising budgets have been drastically slashed due to sluggish sales.

This digital sales technology l has been beta-tested in Germany, UK, France, and Dutch and has given a very positive response. The concept of consumer freedom and innovation has gained a new perspective with relevance beginning to look as the new buzzword in their creative journey of choice! For the direct to consumer brands  (DTC brands). Snapchat ads seem to be more pocket friendly and giving the desired response.

The partners in crime include big brands such as Adidas, Topshop. Brainlabs, Farfetch. Smartly.io which has shown a positive response.

The major question that comes to the mind here from the consumer’s perspective is –“Is this the new future of advertising “?

With companies such as Facebook and Microsoft going on record of saying that working from home is the new phenomenon of the post-COVID era,  budget optimization is the new buzzword and digital marketing, and advertising is here to stay and prosper.

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