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Amazon is all set to revive its sales starting from June 22

To bring the Bing back in the market, Amazon has announced the plan to woo its customers but the catch is that it is through “Invitation only”.

The company sent a notice to sellers early Tuesday informing them that it’s hosting a “Fashion Summer Sale Event” on June 22, according to CNBC. The notice says that participation in the promotional event is by “invitation only” and it’s expected to run anywhere from 7 to 10 days.

The sale may last between seven to ten days. It’s not made known if the sale items will be prioritized for Prime subscribers or for all the general public. Amazon didn’t respond to a request for any such conformation.

“We are having the Biggest Summer Sale event to drive excitement and jump-start sales,” states the notice sent to sellers early Tuesday.

“To drive customer engagement, we are asking for your participation. In hosting a fashion summer sale event” said the notification.

It will be interesting to see if items such as designer face masks, sanitizers, gloves, other home sanitation products, etc will be a hot category searched for or not.

In fact, in March, Amazon was forced to prioritize shipment of medical and household good due to flooding of orders on paper towels and sanitizers

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought fresh issues of warehousing and hygiene which Amazon has worked upon after issues of delay and out of stock items for nearly two months now.

The event is yet unnamed but the company has asked its sellers to submit deals for items with a discount of at least 30% by the end of the day on Wednesday.

The event is a shift in Amazon’s summer deals strategy as it in the past has hosted its two-day summer sales event, Prime Day, in mid-July. But the Coronavirus outbreak has changed the dynamics of online retailing and many retailers are eying to make some good sales which have been sluggish in the last two months.

Post the pandemic, this will be the first event on an international digital platform and will be keenly looked upon as a stepping stone towards the revival of markets.

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