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ShipBob, a logistics startup to launch 20 fulfillment centers in Europe

According to the reports of UK Tech News, ShipBob, the logistics startup, is planning to open 20 fulfillment centers in 2023 in Europe to help more consumer brands compete with the eCommerce giant Amazon and capitalize on eCommerce’s popularity.

Divey Gulati and Dhruv Saxena launched ShipBob in 2014. The headquarter is located in Chicago. According to the report, the estimated valuation of ShipBob is more than $1 billion and offers to help the SMBs (small-to-medium-sized businesses) to contend with the rulers of the eCommerce industry by providing with inexpensive and faster delivery.

With ShipBob, other brands have instant access to the international networks through the fulfillment centers. Also, it offers inventory tracking, order identification, and fulfillment of the best carriers for delivering affordably and quickly, according to the report.

The international expansion of the startup will be beneficial to the U.K. initially because it plans to make 5 fulfillment centers in the upcoming year. And this particular act will enable the brands to have access to potential customers in North America and will be able to ship within a few days to the U.S. people. This will further enhance the potentials for domestic brand shipping.

In September, this logistics startup has included customization features for the holidays. It involves kitting and gift notes, along with integrations with eCommerce customer service platform Gorgias and commerce solution Linnworks.

In July, Dhruv Saxena explained how customers are expecting a faster delivery nowadays.

Dhruv Saxena said that “An eCommerce brand that is selling on their website, they don’t have the infrastructure to compete on these ever-increasing consumer expectations”. He added, “That’s effectively what ShipBob is trying to do: to help these eCommerce brands access the same infrastructure that Amazon has built exclusively for itself”.

The startup is planning for the future, and they are making a network for allowing their merchants to offer same-day and next-day delivery options as well.


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