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33% Paycheck-to-Paycheck Consumers will continue online shopping

The greatest share of all the consumers is saying that all the health-related issues are now mostly the concern for them about COVID-19. Consumers who live with paycheck to paycheck difficulty are more likely than others will say about the financial impact of the pandemic. They are more likely to stick to online shopping.

At least 32% of those consumers say that financial issues are one of the top reasons for their concern regarding COVID-19.

In comparison, 29% of the consumers who live paycheck to paycheck are comfortable. The other 25% who don’t live paycheck to paycheck say that the worries regarding finance are their top concern. They are more likely to make their shift to online shopping.

The latter two groups are having more concerned about the social effects of the pandemic. At least more than half of the paycheck-to-paycheck consumers have said that the possibility of another lockdown or outbreak is their concern.

On the other hand, other key issues include avoiding the spreading of viruses, losing the social contract, and the risk of death. It can further fuel up the need for online shopping.

At least more than a third of the consumers live paycheck to paycheck, saying those are the reasons for concerns about the pandemic.

As the crisis finally passes, many of the consumers will expect to shop more. They will continue with both online shopping and in-store shops.

Among the consumers living paycheck to paycheck, at least one-third say that they will buy in-store even more than often they did.

About a quarter of them said that they would buy online along with home delivery more often. It will further boost up the scope of online shopping.

On the other hand, at least one-fifth said that they would purchase online with curbside and will opt for in-store pickup.

These findings indicate that the end of the pandemic will boost the confidence of the consumers. It will also inspire the shoppers to purchase more both in person or to opt for online shopping.


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