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Sealed Air transforms to serve the eCommerce

Ecommerce is becoming a blooming marketing trend. Logistics companies and Packaging companies are experiencing a boost in their business, along with retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc. Sealed Air is a packaging company in the USA. It transforms into a better version of its kind to serve the growing eCommerce and cope with it. Sealed Air has also seen its business increase from 13% in the 1st quarter to 14% in the 3rd quarter.

Sealed Air CEO Edward Doheny said, “We continue to shift our portfolio to address the ever-changing needs of the eCommerce channel, which will be a key element of our protective growth strategy.” Executives of retailers confirmed that the growth in eCommerce and their business is majorly credited to packaging and shipping companies. Its incomes and urge to shift to eCommerce highlight many partners that will get a package from seller to buyer as digital sales are growing.

The company’s spokesperson said that eCommerce customers are interested in the company’s mailers and automated solutions for mailer packing. The fact is that companies are not just packing products. To increase their businesses, they create better visibility of the packages. Avery Dennison CEO Mitch Butier said, “Similar to apparel, the migration to eCommerce for food delivery is strengthening the use for RFID in this market.”

With the heightened focus on eCommerce, Sealed Air is confirming sticky eCommerce sales in the expected future. International Paper Company CEO Mark Sutton said that the eCommerce channel had been an order of magnitude different than it had been. Reports reveal that trend toward eCommerce transforms across Sealed Air’s verticals. Based on this fact, many other packaging companies are targeting eCommerce as one of their growth areas.

Smurfit Kappa Group CEO Anthony Smurfit referred to eCommerce as a ‘mega trend’. On the company’s earnings call, Smurfit commented, “eBay needed rapidly 5 million boxes in the UK within 10 days to meet their surge in demand.”

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