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Epos Now goes for an alliance with BigCommerce for a fruitful partnership

The global software and the payment technology company Epos Now is now supporting more than 30000 retails along with hospitality locations. It’s the launch of the major partnership with Bigcommerce, the US e-commerce giant, which is the hot talk of the town.

The partnership ties up the world’s most leading e-commerce platform with one of the leading cloud POS system service providers in the world. This is more advantageous for the customers of the Epos Now retail, along with its global surge in demand for online sales. This will also help in diversifying the sales channels of the customers at crucial times.

This will open new possibilities for the brick and mortar stores with new opportunities to compete with the other leading online providers at this hard time due to the Pandemic situation. As a part of this alliance, the customers of Epos Now are going to receive the free BigCommerce for the first three months, at the end of this year.

This unique step by Epos Now is important for the proper optimization of the playing field among the leading multinational giants and independent retailers. With this partnership the BigCommerce, Epos Now has the power now to make its customers able to develop the propositions with the omnichannel retail, in the field of eCommerce and in the pickup program along with the click and collect.

It has also enabled the customers to have a more centralized operation, along with organized sales, customers, inventory management with proper staff employment. The partnership will also enable the Bigcommerce customers with a  premium quality POs retail provider, which will help them to grow their community and customers.

On this matter, the Chief Growth Officer of the Epos Now, Barbara Staruk, said:

“Consumer habits are shifting on an unprecedented scale. Our customers must move to capitalize on the growing demand for online retail. Through this partnership, online retail is made simple, ensuring our valued customers can remain truly competitive in the changing landscape. The real beauty of this partnership is that our customers will now be able to leverage the power of cloud technology to drive both the online and offline elements of their business.”

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Alf Alferez
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