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Online shopping demand brings a hiring spree for postal services

After the reports that Amazon is hiring an additional 100,000 works because of the fact that some of its staff have gone on leave due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we now have a new report of hiring. It is known that the online demand for shopping has prompted the postal services to hire new workers in order to cope up with the demand and provide delivery as fast as possible. It has been revealed that United States Postal Service is hiring workers in San Francisco and San Jose to cope up with the huge amount of orders that they have pending.

USPS says that it needs “to hire as many as 1,000 workers in the Bay Area as the economic effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic continue to ripple across the region”. Now, this will definitely bring economic relief for the people living in the Bay Area because everything else has been closed due to the pandemic.

USPS also says that it will hire mostly for the entry-level positions which include delivery personnel and warehouse workers so as to relieve the load on their current workers. The company also says that “The demand for package delivery is starting to reach Christmas time volume and we need help delivering and moving the mail as never before,”

Talking about the surge in demand, USPS spokesperson said that “Almost all of it is online purchasing,” “The demand for home delivery is up so much we have the opportunity for some people who need jobs, who have lost their jobs, so this would be a good time to come and start a career with the postal service.”

As far as the entry-level positions for USPS are concerned, it is revealed that people working in postal carriers, mail processing positions, mechanics, custodians, tractor-trailer operators and automated machinery repair specialists are included.

Alf Alferez
Alf Alferez
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