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Fake e-commerce sites are popping up due to COVID-19

In these times when we know, everyone is worried a lot regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and since there is no cure found for it yet, people are even tensed as to what will happen if they get the virus. However, there are some people even in these times that are taking advantage of the fear that is prevalent inside the humans all over the world. As you might already know, the e-commerce sites over the world and giants such as Amazon and Walmart have stopped supplying non-essential products to people which means the room for other players has opened up.

Talking about the same, we are now seeing reports where fake e-commerce websites are popping up all of a sudden. These websites are either ones which supply N95 or face masks to the people or are claiming to give relief to patients having this virus. Now, it is quite clearly mentioned that there is no cure or vaccine found for this virus so anything else is fake. These websites also claim that they can make superfast delivery to the people. Basically, they are just giving out normal products in the name of COVID-19.

While it is also not known if they are actually shipping those products or not, it does not really matter since their claims are clearly fake. Also, the good news is that “many are being shut down for making exaggerated claims or selling phantom products”.

Also, a new report shows data where domain names with “corona” or “covid” inside them have been registered a lot recently meaning that they are either done so to help people or to take advantage of them. We have also seen websites which provide accurate information regarding this virus so not everyone is bad but there are bad actors too so we should be aware of them.

James Miller
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