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Nashville’s Turnip Truck now offers online shopping and delivery

While we know that the world is going through a gloomy period and it is justified that there is a lot of negativity everywhere, we also knew that there is bound to be positive news at the end of the tunnel. Now, the best and the most positive news will be when we come to know that the world is free from the COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic but it still has a lot of years to take place. The next big thing would be a report that a vaccine for COVID-19 has been found.

However, we have another positive report where it is known that a lesser-known and local business has entered the e-commerce business due to this virus outbreak. This report is from Nashville where a local supermarket named Turnip Truck has started taking online orders as well as delivering orders right at people’s doorsteps. Turnip Truck’s owner named Dyke says that “Believe it or not, online orders actually outsold our smallest store,”. He added that “It’s had its challenges. I’m here cleaning out some of the bugs right now, but I feel confident about it. It’s very taxing on the store and the staff, but the staff has been awesome. They’ve stepped up and taken control of this.”

Dyke says he already has three physical stores but this online store is his fourth store and he reveals the average bucket price of his online orders is around $150. Also, they have fulfilled 80 orders Friday morning with 150 orders placed in the last 24 hours. Having said that, it is also worth remembering that the surge in online orders right now is due to the demand amidst the virus outbreak but it will be left to see how people react to the online sales at this store once the lockdown ends and everyone is able to visit the stores or order from other places.

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