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Jamie Iannone, former Walmart executive, named as eBay CEO

You must have seen our report where we revealed that Walmart is looking to expand its online business as fast as possible in order to fight the likes of Amazon and others in the online e-commerce space. However, we also know that the coronavirus pandemic happened and the rest is history. Everyone around the world is now shopping online whether they like it or not. This is also the reason why Walmart, as well as its grocery app, are seeing a huge surge in downloads and users.

This means that the company has had to do very little in terms of strategy as people’s needs have brought them online without even spending a dime. But the fact that Jamie Iannone was hired as the Walmart executive to lead its e-commerce department cannot be discounted. Now, a new report has emerged which must be a surprise for most of the people related to Walmart and eBay. Because it is now revealed that Jamie Iannone who was just hired by Walmart a few months ago has now become the CEO at eBay.

Prior to Walmart, Jamie was the CEO at SamsClub.com where he saw great success and helped the platform grow much higher than what it was when he first joined. This also played a role in making his profile stronger and Walmart roping him in. Jamie, on his appointment, said that “In my previous experience with the company, I developed a deep appreciation for what makes eBay so special. eBay’s success has always been rooted in its robust C2C platform,”

He added that “I believe the company has tremendous opportunities to capitalize on this foundation, innovate for the future and grow its ecosystem. I look forward to working with our global teams to enhance buyer experiences and provide more capabilities that will help small businesses sustain and grow. I will focus on continuing to evolve the company’s strategy while delivering on eBay’s commitment to maximizing long-term shareholder value.”

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