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Metaverse is taking over the restaurant industry

Restaurant customers continue to show interest in the metaverse. A recent report suggests 7 in 10 consumers prefer metaverse and integrated dining. In-person socializing in the restaurant will be the next new thing. Again, it is about the digital divide.

The survey also explained that 39% of consumers were highly interested in the metaverse. And the other 29% are also medium-motivated to do so. And 33% continue to be in doubt. The study identified three-generation. It found that 94% of Gen Z showed interest in the metaverse. With 94% and 92%, millenials and bridge millenials are respectively interested. The older generation continues to be least interested. Over 88% of Generation X and 76% of baby boomers fall in the minor interest category.

Metaverse is increasingly gathering interest from different age groups. The Basic factor that continues to rule them is the ownership of the device. It is the connectivity that will be the defining factor. With the increase in the number of connected devices a consumer owns, he/she/they are more likely to get attracted to the metaverse. It is all about the opportunity.

The study also detailed that people owning more than six devices will have a 31% likelihood of interest. And the others will have 35% low interest. The chances are steep when speaking of persons falling into the category of 3 to 5 devices. 18% will have high stakes, and 35% will continue to have low options. And the percentage goes down to 15% for a high level of interest in meta-verse. 26% of them have meager chances.

It is high time for restaurant owners to promote their brands using the metaverse. The technology can help them attain more customers, increasing their total acquisition. The dining experience for customers will be changing soon. They will be serving more customers than before. Therefore, it is better to upgrade with metaverse.


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