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Amazon soon to deliver packages using drone

Amazon made an announcement the last Friday. It will soon deliver packages in Texas via drones. Shoppers from eastern Texas will soon get products via Prime Air drone. It is the second location where Amazon will be delivering packages using drones.

Amazon is currently working with Texas A&M. It is a college station responsible for deploying drones. As a result, Amazon shoppers in the area will receive free drone delivery. It will make delivery more efficient. It can deliver thousands of everyday items.

The drone is now able to deliver packages weighing 5 pounds, and that also in the fixed time frame of an hour. Prime Air drone will fly at the height of 400 ft. and with a speed of 50 miles per hour. They can easily fly to delivery locations and hover at safe heights. It will focus on the shopper’s backyard. The device will then release the package and rise back from the altitude. It will then return to base.

The drone delivery program was on slow speed since 2013. However, Jeff Bezos did make an announcement on Amazon testing the technology. It will also eliminate the long wait for deliveries. Instead, it will cater products in just half-hour shipping.

Amazon successfully reached many milestones and, in August 2020, got approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. As a result, it will soon be operating the fleet of Prime Air delivery drones. Though, there were many setbacks concerning high turnover and crashes.

Amazon Spokesperson Av Zammit gave a statement,” The Business Insider report refers to events that took place during routine testing operations over a controlled, unpopulated area using a since-retired drone model.

Amazon expects these types of events to occur in testing scenarios, and no one was injured as a result of those flights, he added. Each test is done in compliance with applicable regulations. The package delivery operations in College Station will not be experimental.”


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