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How retailers are turning headwinds into tailwinds

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How retailers are turning headwinds into tailwinds

Success is hard to come by in the highly competitive world of online retail, with new players entering the market every day and software getting even better. In this video, Shelagh Stoneham, a retail strategic growth advisor for several major online players, shares her thoughts on how e-tailers can succeed by following the example set by the biggest names in the business.

Shelagh Stoneham

Keynote Speaker

About Shelagh Stoneham

Shelagh Stoneham is a marketing and branding expert. She is an international keynote speaker and retail strategic growth advisor. Shelagh’s senior executive experience spans a broad range of sectors including telecommunications, packaged goods, retail, fashion, high tech, airlines and pharmaceuticals. She has served as the Chief Marketing Officer for several Fortune 500 companies in North America including most recently, Chico’s.

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