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Bringing American Retailers Closer To Russian Consumers

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Bringing American Retailers Closer To Russian Consumers

CDEK, the biggest Russian courier company enables American e-commerce retailers to ship products to Russian consumers in a secure and hassle-free manner. In this video, Ovsep Osipyan, the CEO of CDEK USA, discusses the growing purchasing power and demand for American products in the Russian consumer market.

Ovsep Osipyan

Vice President of Strategy

About Ovsep Osipyan

Meera Murthy is vice president of strategy at Evergage, the leading personalization and customer data platform (CDP) provider. Combining her deep understanding of business challenges across retail, travel, technology and financial services companies, with her expertise in personalization, Meera drives game-changing strategies with measurable results for clients. Prior to Evergage, Meera spent 13 years focused on customer development and building client service organizations.

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