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The shifting landscape of e-commerce marketing

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The shifting landscape of e-commerce marketing

In the age of multiple devices and dwindling attention spans, customers are seeking newer experiences. And just want to find products as quickly as they can. In this video, Udayan Bose, founder and CEO of NetElixir, talks about how retailers are improving marketing effectiveness by maximizing the post click experience, embracing personalized marketing and adopting voice search.

Udayan Bose

Founder & CEO

About Udayan Bose

Udayan Bose founded NetElixir with a vision to provide online marketers worldwide with a paid search campaign optimization solution capable of delivering magical performance. Udayan recognized the potential of paid search as an essential advertising channel in 2002. Having experienced first hand the complexity involved in running a profitable paid search campaign, he was driven to develop a system that delivers predictable and efficient campaign performance, allowing marketers to fully leverage the power of paid search as a high value sales generator.

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