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Here are the items people are buying during Coronavirus lockdown

We are currently in an unprecedented era of the world where everyone is currently staying in lockdown and no one is moving out because their governments have told to do so. Not only that, but we are also seeing that a majority of the economy has been shut down all over the world due to the fear of catching COVID-19 and spreading it which could be even more dangerous.

Now, a new report has emerged which shows us the trends among people who are staying at home and ordering online. Many of us would be interested in knowing what exactly do people buy when they are at home and here is your answer.

First of all, it is worth noting that this report is from data given by websites such as WireCutter, The Strategist and Amazon and they have reported seeing sales jump in the category of vibrators, “bed desks” and other products and this buying list is restricted to people in America.

WireCutter’s editor says that “We’re seeing exponential growth in traffic, more than ever before,”. “It’s extraordinary.” He adds that “I can’t necessarily speak to how people are feeling, but as this draws out longer and longer, it behoves people to create an environment they want to be in,”. “Over the long haul, do you want to be working over a stack of books? I think that says something about what people are expecting.”

The deputy editor believes that people are expecting the lockdown to continue for long and that is the reason why they are investing in home-office setups. Also, some of them are investing in sexual products as well. Also, it is said that beauty and health-care products are also being sold more including Moisturizers, hand creams, hair care and skin care along with apparel in categories like loungewear pants, leggings, pajamas, slippers and robes.


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