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To make shipping packages easier for companies, Shippo raises $30 million

We have seen how the e-commerce companies have been put under a lot of stress during these times of pandemic because everyone is ordering from home and they want their orders on time. Apart from that, the companies also have to work with a limited number of employees and they have restrictions in movement due to the lockdown. Even then, it is seen that e-commerce companies are doing their best to complete as many orders as possible every day. There are also platforms which help e-commerce companies help ship packages faster and more efficiently.

One of those platforms named Shippo has just raised a Series C round of funding for $30 million in order to help e-commerce companies integrated shipping into their services. As per a report, Shippo is a platform which “gives online sellers access to various shipping tools, including the ability to automatically generate shipping labels for all the major carriers, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS, with the added ability to compare rates across all the delivery providers. The integration also allows sellers to schedule pickups and returns, validate addresses, and offer post-purchase tracking so their own customers can see where their items are on their journey”.

Shippo’s founder and CEO says that “Shipping shouldn’t be seen as a cost centre — it’s a growth engine,”. She added that “When used properly, shipping is a tool for businesses to gain consumer confidence, increase conversions, and drive repeat buying by building loyalty. Except many of these benefits have historically been reserved for the savviest and most resource-rich businesses. Shippo is changing that dynamic.” Also, she says that her platform is such that it wants to make shipping as easy as “sending a text message”. Apart from this funding round, Shippo has already raised $29 million including $20 million in Series B three years ago.

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