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What are Amazon Warehouse Deals? (FAQs included)

Amazon currently has 150 million Prime users which is a privileged subset of its total user base. Collectively, it banked about USD 75.5 billion in sales revenue for the first quarter of 2021.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Anyways, talking about Amazon, Jeff Bezos’ brainchild has tens of millions of products with heavy deals and discounts that it runs throughout the year.

But what if there’s a subsection of Amazon that offers mind-boggling discounts of up to 70%. Would you try it out?

It is a reality as Amazon runs it’s not-so-widely-known yet popular Amazon Warehouse Deals that offer extremely heavy discounts on the listed products.

If your heart is already thumping for more, here’s a guide on what is Amazon Warehouse Deals, how it works, what to look out for, refund and replacement policies, and so on.

What are Amazon Warehouse Deals?

Amazon Warehouse Deals listing
Amazon Warehouse Deals listing

Hidden in plain sight is Amazon.com’s enticing subsection which goes by the moniker Amazon Warehouse Deals. It houses a wide range of products that were either returned, replaced, warehouse-damaged, used, or refurbished articles.

These are the products that Amazon didn’t return’ to the seller inventory and rather used its rigorous vetting process to include in the Warehouse deals if they fail its standards to be marked as ‘new’.

What’s important to know that these are extremely time-sensitive. Given the fact that Amazon is very popular and a lot of people know about its Warehouse deals as well, these products could sell out in a jiffy.

Depending upon what time of the day and what product you are looking for, the prices may change as well. Moreover, the prices also change depending upon the quality grade of the product where the refurbished or renewed products are of the highest quality whereas ‘Used, Acceptable’ marked products are of the lowest standards that Amazon Warehouse offers.

Are Amazon Warehouse Deals owned by Amazon?

No doubt, all the products listed on Amazon Warehouse Deals are owned by Amazon. The eCommerce giant has a vetting procedure based on which it chooses the products to be listed and the categories the particular product falls into.

How does Amazon Warehouse Deals Work?

Every year, Amazon sells millions of items as renewed, like-new, discounted, pre-owned items to the customers with heavy discounts that could be up to 70 percent.

As said, Amazon has a vetting procedure aka 20-point quality inspection according to which it sorts the products into the respective quality grades, adds a discounted price on it, and puts upon the Warehouse deals section for users to purchase it.

As per the process is concerned, Amazon receives the returned product from the customer. Then, Amazon ensures that the product’s working order is proper or not.

It is subjected to undergo a 20-point quality inspection based on which the product is tagged into its respective quality grade. It is then listed on Amazon’s website for sale with discounted price tags.

The product could have Prime or non-Prime delivery so do check it out in advance if you are willing to buy anything on the display.

Why buy from Amazon Warehouse?

No doubt Amazon puts up the best deals on any product on its websites. However, with Amazon Warehouse deals, you can get an extra discount on any product subject that the product might be used.

But hey, with great discounts and 30-days replacement policy, Amazon has your backs and it is always at your service solving queries, issuing replacements, and returns when requested although within the eligible period.

What is the replacement policy for Amazon Warehouse products?

Amazon offers a 30-days free replacement period for the products listed subject that the products to replace or return are with the same listing conditions as mentioned at the time of buying it. Since the products could be from a wide range of catalog, the replacement policy might not be uniform across all of them. If you are eligible for a replacement or refund, you’ll get a 100 percent refund except for the delivery charges the product could have arrived with.

Products tagged as ‘Renewed’ are eligible for a 90-days return policy although you need to keep the product as it is in the same conditions as it was purchased.

Why is Amazon Warehouse stuff so cheap?

Amazon offers 7 to 30-days or replacement and refund policy depending upon what product you buy. As with any other retailer or e-commerce platform, customers return products citing some of the other issues with it.

Now that Amazon has a tonne of products whose packaging might be broken or damaged, they can’t sell it as a new product. Thus, Amazon Warehouse deals are placed so that interested buyers can purchase the products at a slashed price tag, sometimes saving just a few bucks.

But at the end of the day, a few bucks a product multiplied by a dozen or purchases can save you a fortune.

What are the different types of quality grades?

Types of Amazon Warehouse product quality grades
Types of Amazon Warehouse product quality grades:

As said above, Amazon Warehouse Deals have different quality grades of products on sale, and here’s what all these grades mean.

  • Renewed

If you are a frequent Amazon user, you might have seen ‘Renewed’ status on several products. It is the highest grade for a product on Amazon Warehouse.

These are the products that have been repaired/renewed after several points of inspection and testing to curb the issues (or no issues) that it was replaced for.

This usually comes with a 90-days replacement and refund guarantee depending upon which product you buy.

Certified Renewed items are inspected by the vendor, the seller, and Amazon staff to ensure it is up to the mark.

  • Used, Like New:

These are products that may have been used slightly or not at all with no noticeable scratches, blemishes, or marks on it. Packages of such products may not be available or damaged in some form or other but overall, the product quality is like new.

  • Used, Very Good

The products that are lightly used and may have minor scratches, indications of wear and tear but as said, it is perfectly working order are termed as “Used, Very Good”.

Say you bought a phone and returned it in a few days. The description will have details on the flaws before you buy it.

  • Used, Good

Next up, the ‘Used, Good’ quality grade on Amazon indicates the product has some moderate signs of use. It may have some missing accessories, packages may be damaged or might be repacked. The product is still in perfect working order.

  • Used, Acceptable

Finally, the ‘Used, Acceptable’ quality grade indicates that the product has worn out such as a few months of rigorous use of a smartphone. No doubt the product still functions without any glitch.

There may be some packaging issues or cosmetic defects which is why its grade was pushed to the lowest. It could also mean some of the accessors, tools, instructions, or parts could be missing.

The price of the item you are checking out may alter between the various quality grades with descending order, of course.

How to browse Amazon Warehouse Deals?

There’s no rocket science behind browsing the Warehouse products but the reality is that not everyone knows about it. Amazon has a dedicated landing page for its Warehouse Deals or you can navigate to it from Amazon.com by searching for “Amazon Warehouse” and alike keywords. You can browse through the categories and get the best deals on listed products.

How to find and buy specific items on Amazon Warehouse?

If you have any specific product in mind and you want to buy it, go to Amazon and visit the product page. Now, on the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see the price tag along with a deflated menu tagged as ‘Other Sellers on Amazon’.

It could be listed after the description as well so you’ll have to search for it. You’ll see multiple prices for the same product from different sellers. Check out for “New & Used” or “New & Used” or “Buy Used”, etc.

When you tap on the particular price tag, say the cheapest one, it will give you an option to check out paying the discounted price. If there are other offers associated with the product and associated with this New & Used pricing, you can pair it up to get higher discounts.

On the contrary, you can go to Amazon.com and search for “Warehouse deals” or use Google to search for the Amazon + keyword to locate it. This should take you directly on the deals page with time-sensitive products ready to be purchased on just a click.

How to choose the right quality grade?

If you want to buy any item cheaper than its actual price tag, Amazon Warehouse Deals is the right place. But hey, the question is, how to choose the right quality grade. Here’s how you can choose the grade of products to buy.

Ranging from “Renewed” to “Good, Acceptable”, the former is the highest quality grade and the latter is the lowest. If you are looking for something purely for its functionality and don’t care about the cosmetic damages (if any), go for the cheapest grade aka ‘Good, Acceptable’.

Similarly, if you stress on buying something unused and new-like in a perfect condition, go for the ‘Renewed’ grade. If there’s something that you need to put up for display, you can go for ‘Very Good’ and ‘Like New’ grades where minor scratches, scuffs, cosmetic changes are there although not that apparent.

What are the risks of buying via Amazon Warehouse Deals?

No doubt people may ask questions if it is worth buying via Amazon Warehouse Deals or not. Here are the answers to your queries:

Is Amazon Warehouse legit?

Amazon is one of the largest and most popular eCommerce platforms and has been doing business based on trust, word of mouth, a huge catalogue of products and deals. It has a subsection with a limited number of products aka Amazon Warehouse which is nothing but products that have been damaged, returned, replaced, and so on.

If legit or not is your question, you can check all products, their description that will have all the information about the product, quality grade, price tag, and things that are missing/damaged.

You can check out the seller’s profile with reviews on any renewed or warehouse-damaged products and then decide whether to go through with it or not.

Can you send the product back if you don’t like it?

If you order any product from the Warehouse deals and choose to return it, you are welcome and Amazon allows returning or replacing the product.

However, these refurbished products are rarely screwed. I am saying it because I have already purchased several products and all are working just fine.

Beware of buying from third-party sellers

First up, I don’t think so you should believe in third-party sellers and instead lookout for products enlisted by Amazon. Falling prey to the scam seller profile like Warehouse Deals Inc could be bad for your pockets as people have already reported receiving wrong items, longer ship times, terrible customer service, and others. Although Amazon removed the profile, similar profiles gain access to Amazon Warehouse Deals so beware.

Amazon has buyer protections that will allow buyers to get the amount they paid when the seller deceptively sells a product. However, it isn’t as robust as eBay but at the end of the day, you’ll get your refund if you have been cheated by any third-party sellers.

Do Amazon Warehouse Deals items have manufacturer’s warranty?

The answer is really simple. No product sold under Amazon Warehouse Deals is secured with the manufacturer’s warranty although 30 to 90 days or replacement and return policy can take the charge if needed.

Amazon Warehouse Deals Shipping Policy

As per Amazon, all the products that are eligible for Amazon Warehouse Deals come with Prime Shopping, free 2nd Day Shipping, or the third one i.e. Free Super Saver Shopping.

The type of shipping depends on the individual products. The Amazon Warehouse Deals are limited inside the boundaries of the country and thus, it won’t ship to many international addresses.

It is not Prime as always but some products will have Prime or free shipping with it so you can simply relax and get your hands on the product quickly.

What are Amazon’s FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy?

If you are a seller, you must know that Amazon has FBA’s Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy as well according to which, any product if lost or damaged by Amazon, its fulfillment centers, partnered carriers and during delivery to the custom, Amazon is liable to reimburse the seller although there are a few working parts here.

One such clause states that the replacement value cannot exceed $5000. Furthermore, Amazon already has a list of potential causes of damages that are covered and those which are not covered on its website.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about Amazon Warehouse Deals and how it works. There’s definitely a lot of moving parts here but at the end of the day, the deals are pretty enticing and since you have Amazon’s trust, easy replacement and return policy, a well-inspected product with details already available on the listing before you buy it, the purchase is surely worth it.

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