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GroupM Premium Supplies aggravates their provision with videos in the US

A media investment group of WPP, GroupM announced that it had maximized the global premium supplies with video in the US. GroupM Premium Supply (GPS) was established in 2017 as the first auditable programmatic premium supply marketplace. Being present in 10+ global markets, this group allows end-to-end visibility of all marketing. In order to expand the provision with videos, GroupM ties up with SpotX as a programmatic video exchange partner.

GPS connects GroupM clients straight to high-quality publishers to assist programmatic buying objectives. Its aim is also to curtail the 15% unknown delta detailed in May’s UK ISBA study. Together with the end-to-end visibility, these partnerships assure that GroupM will provide an engaging, effective, and brand-safe environment for clients’ programmatic campaigns. It also provides good pricing, reduced technology costs, and operational simplicity for their commerce teams in many DSPs.

Andrew Meaden, Head of Investment Strategy, said, “GroupM Premium Supply allows clients to leverage our scale in a biddable environment. At the same time, ensuring they’re accessing only the best possible publisher inventory in each market. This is exactly what the industry has been calling out for.” The GPS extension into videos with SpotX will experience unique programmatic solutions for GPS clients.

The partnership with SpotX will help GroupM to offer its clients direct access to premium publisher inventory beyond linear television. GroupM’s managing partner and programmatic investment lead, Esra Bacher said, “As viewership dramatically increases in streaming video, we have chosen to partner with SpotX due to their strong relationships with the supply-side of the video ecosystem.”

The agreement made by GroupM and SpotX is a portion of the growing industry trend around supply-path optimization (SPO). This partnership will also bring a successful global partnership with Index Exchange that aims at display media. Sean Buckley, COO of SpotX said that they were happy to partner with GroupM for increasing provisions with videos and continue to scale the digital video ecosystem.

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