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Google reconsiders the Fitbit concessions in demand of EU’s antitrust issues

Google has decided to readjust the Fitbit concessions to alleviate the antitrust issues of EU. EU had made a deal of $2.1 billion dollars with Google to purchase Fitbit. But due to some non-confirmed internal issues, EU is showing some disapproval concerns. Officials related to this matter said that they are putting the matter on track to secure EU’s approval for the deal.

Google has offered a restriction on the use of Fitbit data for Google ads. It facilitates the rival companies to seek connection with the android platform. Thus they are allowing third parties to access randomly to Fitbit data with their consent. Declining this fact, people said, “Google has revised the package after EU received feedback from rivals and consumers.”

This step of Fitbit concessions may turn away a charge sheet of EU, setting out specific concerns. The EU competition enforcer stopped to gain further feedback from the market. This may indicate that the changes have gained support with the commission. The enforcer, which extended the deadline for its decision from 23rd Dec to 8th Jan, declined to comment on the fact.

But Google again corrected their previous statement and said, “The deal was about devices, not data.” They further said, “The Fitbit shares have risen up to 1.58% in early U.S. trade.” Google is very confident in making better and affordable devices in the future. But the concessions, however, have failed so far to pacify rivals and consumers.  A board of 19 bodies, including consumer organizations and privacy advocates in the EU, US, and Brazil, has been made. They have issued a joint letter to demand tough Fitbit concessions from Google.

The market research firm, International Data Corp, has shown data. According to data, Fitbit had a 3% share of the global wearables market in the first quarter of 2020. Google’s Fitbit is way behind Apple’s 29.3% share as well as Xiaomi, Samsung, and Huawei.

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