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Amazon credits Third-party sellers for sale hike

The prime day which happens to be Amazon’s most significant event had suffered a push back this year. Amidst the pandemic, the involvement of third-party sellers caused a hike in prime day sales. Amazon credits third-party sellers for the unexpected turn of events. According to statistics, the third-party sellers this year have earned around 3.5 dollars on the prime day, which is unexpected earnings amidst the pandemic. On evaluation, amazon has found that the earnings on prime days this year have surpassed the previous year earnings.

A prime day is an important event on amazon. The reason being prime day, every year, ensures the maximum number of subscribers. This year had wreaked havoc in every market-place. However, the prime day event, fortunately, never had to be subjected to the havoc.

In the current times. Amazon recognizes the importance of third parties in their market-place. Third-parties constitute almost 58% of the Amazon market-place. Amazon not only credits the presence of third parties for its prosperity every year but also respects the involvement of small-sized and medium-sized businesses. It is due to the presence of the third-party sellers that amazon could generate 7.5 billion in revenue in the previous years. Besides, the third parties have also aided Amazon to emerge as the no.1 e-marketer on the digital platform.

Currently, Amazon has maintained its position as the number one seller online. Speculations say that by next year, Amazon sales will cross 100 billion. To top it all, Amazon has constantly been highlighting the contribution of the third-party sellers, which are helping it to thrive and surpass other online e-commerce platforms. The biggest record that Amazon is expected to break by next year will be in the form of a mega sale. This mega sale will also be an invitation to small scale and local businesses to find more outreach.

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