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Google adds new visual options for shoppers and brands

We have seen that the pandemic has hit everyone hard but the category that is trending in business circles is the e-commerce sector which is seeing a record number of sales right now.

It is also worth noting that e-commerce was the only department that was working during the pandemic situation and lockdown were imposed everywhere. Now, Google is also doing what it can to promote e-commerce more and more and bring customers so that they are encouraged to buy online.

In the latest release, it is known that Google has added new features to Smart Shopping, Display Ads as well as image extensions on the platform. We already know about Google making their Shopping tab free for everyone by the virtue of promoting free listings to the shopping tab instead of promoted ones or ads. This is another step in the right direction and Google also wants to compete with Amazon in the Shopping department so this might be a good way to do so.

We have noticed advertisers saying that they are forced to go to Facebook instead of Google Ads in order to find people that are not searching for anything but interested in products. Since Google is a search engine, if people are not searching for things then they won’t be available to advertisers working with Google.

On the other hand, Google has not focused on “new prospects who may not be searching yet for something” but rather on prospects who are searching for things and then retargeting them with similar ads based on their interest.

Google says that once these features roll out for everyone, advertisers will also be able to add videos to display ads as well giving them a new way to attract potential customers. Also, Google has rolled out new layouts and auto-generated video ad formats to give a modern look too.

Alf Alferez
Alf Alferez
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