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Freightos’ freight-as-a-service platform is successful with big supplier

For a supplier model to succeed, both supply and demand must increase. The most recent transaction and bookings update from Freightos shows the development in digitizing B2B connections and easing global trade. In general, freight as a service unites service providers. It enables for a data progression of what Freightos terms “billions of price. 

According to the data, there were a total of 221,000 deals in the fourth quarter of last year. A rise of more than 127% from the same time the year before. The number of purchasers rose by 37% to 15,600 within the same time frame. According to a January press release from Freightos, the platform’s gross booking value increased. It increased overall for the whole of 2022 by 102% over the previous year, reaching $610.8 million.

It’s important that the platform’s supply side is increasing as well because it shows a growing understanding. In comparison to the same quarter in 2021, carriers reportedly sold primarily on WebCargo. Freightos reported a 25% rise in the number of carriers selling on the platform. That is a positive process, and it relies on the consumerization of a supplier field. 

It has previously relied heavily on paper, marked by opaque pricing and low transparency in fees. And even a lack of awareness about the possible locations of items in the supply chain. The company, which cited data from Global Market Insights, asserted that by 2026. The market for international trade is worth more than $22.5 trillion. The third-party logistics and supply chain management industry as a whole will have generated about $1 trillion in revenue once more.

Recent studies have focused on a different area of the global supplier chain. It found that through 2023, container spot prices, Freightos Baltic Daily Index, are down 93% from their pandemic levels. As capacity transforms into excess capacity and pricing rationalizes. More precise supply and demand matching (as well as pricing adjustment) becomes essential. The global freight industry probably unexpected in the upcoming months. However, the online revolution will certainly happen.


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