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eBay reveals the list of products included in the top purchases of 2019

eBay top purchase of 2019
eBay top purchase of 2019

One of the most interesting lists that we like to take a look at in terms of e-commerce stores is the top purchases of 2019 for any particular company. One thing this goes to show is the fact that there are people out there who are willing to buy expensive items online as well. Because the narrative earlier was that it is okay for people to buy inexpensive items from e-commerce but they still like to buy expensive products from retail stores.

Looking at the list of items from eBay via a report from eSellerCafe, we can see that there are extremely high-ticket products included in the list. This not only shows that people are willing to trust e-commerce companies but it also shows that there is a huge market for selling products online too. Getting back to the list released by eBay, we can see sales of rare sports memorabilia, supercars, luxury timepieces and other products without worrying about the price tag.

Now, there is a general consensus regarding eBay as well which is that it is the place where you will rare stuff such as memorabilia and other products. Also, we have seen that eBay India was acquired by Flipkart which has been rebranded to 2Gud now which is a platform selling used products from smartphones to everything else. Earlier too, eBay India was known for selling used products but at a high price since they were rare.

As far as the price of these products is concerned, eBay reveals that they range from $7,000 to $4.5 million. One of the top purchases of 2019 on eBay was a Tom Brady 2000 Autographed Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket Trading Card which sold for $400,000 and another one was a Michael Jordan 1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Card that sold for over $350,000. However, the top purchase of 2019 on eBay went to 20th Annual Power Lunch with Warren Buffett to Benefit GLIDE for $4,567,888. As the name suggests, this is a charity lunch with Warren Buffett for a great cause.