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UPS launches e-commerce plugins for shopping platforms with various features

One of the biggest shipping companies worldwide, UPS, is known to be delivering half of all the packages that are bought on e-commerce companies in the US. Now, we also know that Amazon and UPS are not having the best of times lately. Having said that, we also see that Amazon has to deliver their parcels via UPS where they don’t have coverage yet.

But a report also mentioned that Amazon is trying to deliver more than half of its packages directly now to reduce its dependence on UPS. Also, Amazon believes that they can deliver the packages faster directly rather than through third-party services.

On the other hand, we have UPS who is also making efforts to make their services more reliable and also integrate with different platforms to make it easier for sellers and buyers to use them. Regarding those efforts, we now see that UPS has released plugins for different platforms related to e-commerce. With these plugins, the company hopes that its services will become more easily accessible and the trouble for its customers can be greatly reduced.

Talking about these plugins as reported by eSellerCafe, UPS reveals that these plugins will be available on WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento which are all used to host e-commerce stores by different sellers around the world. Talking about the features that this plugin provides for store owners, UPS reveals the following information:

  • Label printing within the e-commerce platforms, including for multi-order batches.
  • Full control over shipping rates displayed to e-shoppers.
  • Presentation of accurate, scheduled delivery times to e-shoppers during checkout.
  • Access to the real-time tracking information.

One thing that everyone talks about regarding e-commerce orders is the delivery time as well as tracking. So we believe that this plugin will help customers get accurate estimated delivery time as well as precise tracking information.

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