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eBay and Bidadoo tie-up on B2B eCommerce for equipment, trucks

The popular eCommerce site eBay has recently tied up with Bidadoo. It has also invented this remarketing and auction company for equipment, trucks, and capital assets. It will help them to strengthen B2B eCommerce.

This partnership will use the global reach of eBay on the platform of Bidadoo for the specialty selection of trucks, parts, equipment, and attachments. Bidadoo works with various industries like agriculture, transportation, and construction.

The B2B eCommerce market of the US boasts a heavy equipment marketplace for the used items. It ranges between the value of $50 billion to $60 billion.

The industry is much reliant on offline and in-person sales along with auctions. However, this online marketplace for equipment has increased much during the pandemic. Also, eBay has worked historically along with cross-category commerce.

B2B eCommerce companies have high-value buyers who make online purchases from them on multiple categories of items. This partnership is making all sense. There are at least 25 % of equipment buyers on eBay who are also buying parts for attachments required for machines.

The participation of Bidadoo will allow a wide breadth of equipment to become available. It will include the government, leading manufacturers, rental companies, contractions, and financial institutions. The transaction of Bidadoo will come with a detailed condition report, video, photos, and necessary demonstration.

The president of Bidadoo, Howard Hawk, on this B2B eCommerce partnership, the release of his company and eBay is centering around transparency. This investment will allow them to bring a new solution and capability which will add better value to their customers. It will help them to grow their passionate team.

“We are excited to deepen our partnership with eBay to expand our asset remarketing and auction solutions,” Hawk added in the release. “For over 18 years on eBay, Bidadoo has been committed to delivering the best business and industrial buying and selling experience in the industry. From Day One, we chose to build our business on eBay. We share a similar vision and DNA: being passionately customer-centric and laser-focused on improving marketplace and eCommerce efficiencies.”

In August, eBay faced some challenges. Apart from its active seller growth of 5 % the company has seen a decline of 2% in its active buyers. However, this B2B eCommerce partnership will hopefully help them to retain their customers.

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