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B2B furniture marketplace Hello Raye switches to 3D

Hello Raye, a B2B furniture marketplace, has recently launched a web-based tool, Snapshot. This tool lets its clients see some of the customized 3D-designed assets and 4k HD renderings in real-time.

The company works to connect architects, furniture brands, and dealers. According to them, this new product will help furniture and decor brands have easy customization of their 3D files on the web. It will minimize the need to install any kind of new software or plug-in requirements.

The CEO of this B2B furniture marketplace, Brian Chou, said, “We wanted to build a quick, cost-effective, and easy-to-use way for furniture brands to create beautiful CGI product photography using their pre-existing 3D assets.”

This innovative tool comes with better lighting, materials, and higher-quality rendering. Customers can quickly and conveniently build and change the layers for the 3D assets. It will help them to stay organized. At the same time, they can produce stellar renders without any knowledge or understanding of 3D software or programming languages.

“With Snapshots, we wanted to make 3D customization and visualization accessible and easy to use,” said CTO of this B2B furniture marketplace Brandon Zuech. “We were inspired by platforms like Canva and what it did to the industry of photo editing. We concentrated our efforts to create a user interface that was as simple to use as possible without compromising the quality of the final product renderings.”

As per reports, the changing face of the B2B commerce market and the world of furniture see a swift advancement. But for these sectors, the rapid migrating to online platforms can be challenging. Business buyers often prefer to go offline when it comes to seeing potential products.

Samuel Hatcher, CEO of the furniture company Rustic Deco, said that this factor is something that they have considered this factor earlier. Before launching a whole digitized platform, this B2B furniture marketplace had kept this factor in mind.

Samuel Hatcher has previously described the opportunities that a hybrid approach has brought to B2B commerce.

When it comes to corporate customers with a much intricate buying need, such factors work as the key area. To meet those needs, Rustic Deco has invested in 3D imaging technology. It has helped the B2B furniture marketplace come up with a very impressive digital product.

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