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E-commerce in Brazil expected to grow by 18% this year

We have been focusing a lot on the e-commerce markets in major countries such as the US and China and even India to an extent. However, we tend to forget that there are markets which are quite big too. If not big in terms of numbers, they are definitely big in terms of the volume of sales. As we have seen in the UK, the e-commerce industry has been thriving there and there is still a lot of room for other companies to improve. Similarly, we have a new report regarding the e-commerce industry in Brazil.

And the good news is that Brazil’s e-commerce industry is set to grow in double digits this year. This report cites the local trade bodies of Brazil who are saying that the e-commerce industry will generate 106 billion reais this year. This means that the industry will grow by 18% if this figure stands true which it should unless there are any unforeseen circumstances.

The local body also estimated that the average ticket for online sales will be 310 reais ($72), with 342 million orders placed by approximately 68 million consumers. This means that the average spend per customer in Brazil will be quite high compared to other parts of the world. It is also worth noting that the smartphone purchases in Brazil will also account for 37% of the total sales which means that the country still likes to do a majority of its transactions via desktop.

Therefore, we can say that e-commerce companies can drive the growth of their business by driving more people to shop online from their phones. It has been proven that smartphone makes people buy impulsively rather than desktop which is generally seen as a method of purchase which is more done after calculations. Also, 2020 might become the first year e-commerce revenue in Brazil will exceed the 100 billion reais mark if forecasts remain true.

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