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Online food and parcel delivery is causing environmental damage: Report

Parcel delivery
Parcel delivery

While every one of us loves to order food and products from the e-commerce stores are they are convenient and sometimes better than what we get locally, it comes at a huge cost. Now, you would say that we know the cost of the items and we are willing to pay for it. However, this is a much deeper topic than you might have imagined. Basically, what we are trying to say is that this online delivery comes at a cost which cannot be paid in just money. Because this cost is to our environment and this cannot be recovered.

As you might have seen climate change is a big concern for the world right now. Amazon CEO just announced a billion-dollar pledge to help save the environment and do what he can. However, his company is one of the big reasons why we are thinking about climate change in the first place. Talking about the online delivery of food or parcels, it creates an enormous amount of wastage in terms of packaging, tapes, papers and even boxes revealed in this report by TheGuardian. While you might love to keep the boxes that these parcels come in, most of us throw them away without bothering to recycle them. This creates a huge lot of waste and most of the times, it is not recycled.

Also, we have not even started about the waste of energy resources the parcel delivery does from taking the parcel to your doorsteps from their warehouses. There are multiple modes of transport involved such as by air, rail, road and even waters. Therefore, it is said that electric vehicles are the future. But there is no word on going electric for air or rail travel which is where most of the coal or diesel is burnt.

Now, we understand that this can be better than everyone going to the store to pick their items since one person is delivering them to you but this is in an ideal world. And as you know, we are not in an ideal world so everyone wants their delivery in a hurry which causes companies to send individual parcels.