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Digital finance receivables solution are ready from HSBC

Fintech Trade Ledger, a Lending-as-a-Service based in London, announced its new launch. It is set to launch the new digital finance receivables solution of HSBC.

It has used the trade Ledger platform for building the solution.

As per Trade Ledger, a digital finance receivables solution will enable HSBC to cut off significant time. It will eliminate the time that it takes to approve new RF customers’ from more than 1 month.

By making use of the latest online application, customers can transfer data through an API. They can do it manually or consider their accounting software package.

The Digital RF Solution generates a risk report and survey by making use of a decision engine. Then, it submits it to the underwriters within a few hours of the application received.

The digital finance receivables solution will streamline the decision-making process as well. The new solutions make things easy for customers to track their apps’ status.

Receivables Finance digitization approval makes this securer, faster, and simpler. The report came from the Chief Growth Officer Vijay Mendonca of Global Trade and Receivables.

Digital RF’s launch removes labor-intensive and time-consuming manual processes for the customers. Within hours they can understand if their application is going to be successful or not.

The bank has launched HTS (HSBC Trade Solutions). It is the latest digital technology stack. It is going to form HSBC’s market-leading trade offerings’ backbone.

Till now, HTS is available in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. But RF apps are available in 8 nations, including the United States, India, Hong Kong, and the UK.

Trade Ledger’s CEO, Martin McConn, said that the partnership is very productive. It includes the largest commercial bank in the world. The platform is going to allow HSBC to offer its clients smooth and fast access to the working capital.

Digital Receivables Finance is the output of a team effort of using enterprise-grade tech. It will drive customer convenience. And also it tackles the funding gap for all businesses over the world.


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