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B2B eCommerce firm, Papmall, initiates cross-border freelance payments

Papmall is a popular B2B eCommerce firm that upgraded its services. It is going to enable businesses to send cross-border payments to freelancers. In case the freelancers experience any payment abandonment, they may leave the platform.

The B2B eCommerce firm may want to address this main pain point. It wants to catch the problem and contribute to the payment industry’s future. This evolved platform is going to accept international payments. The processors like Mastercard and Visa support major credit and debit cards. As per the release, the platform is going to accept cryptocurrency payments as well.

The partnerships with Alepay, Amazon, and PayPal helped the upgrade. The operation with Amazon Payment and PayPal is affordable. Also, the fee-based payment options and credit card options facilitate customer convenience. It is advantageous for freelancers as well.

Alepay supports Papmall with Cybersource payment solutions. It allows the acceptance of USD and Visa card transactions in multicurrency. This B2B eCommerce firm came into existence in 2019. It was for software sellers, outsourcing services, freelancers, SMEs, and digital products.

In August, the company said that it was going to extend its delivery locations and model. It integrated pay later, buy now options, and cryptocurrency payment features.

The company planned to make an energetic eCommerce atmosphere. It wanted to become the leading B2B and B2C eCommerce platform in the industry. The company has several visions. It wants to make customizable apps letting the buyers and sellers optimize their buying experiences.

Papmall is all set to futureproof its efforts. The experts of the company continue to leverage its power and strengthen the foundation. More technology will be available soon. It is going to put efforts into implementing the latest technology to retain clients.

With technological evolvement, it will upgrade its infrastructure for eCommerce as well. It will take initiatives to simplify cross-border payments. By looking at its efforts, we can say that the foreseeable future is great.


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