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BNP Paribas is all set to purchase B2B FinTech Kantox

BNP Paribas has agreed to purchase B2B FinTech Kantox. It works on currency risk management automation. It will help in adding more automation to B2B cross-border work.

Kantox’s software solution offers to bundle of Corporate FX workflow. It is armed with an API-driven strategy and a one-stop shop. It will integrate the work of the company and extend them globally to more companies.

BNP Paribas is working on Growth Technology Sustainability 2025 plan. It will accelerate the development of technology.

BNP Paribas was in search to help the corporate treasurers navigate the turbulent markets. Therefore, the partnership is going to help in adding advanced technology. It will simplify the burden of manual efforts and allow us to focus on the core business operations.

A lot of people across the globe are looking for ways to operate with cross-border payments. And more businesses need this service. This is convincing BNP Paribas to have access to B2B FinTech Kantox.

Both of the companies are planning to come in collaboration to maximize their business. They are looking for ways to keep their long-term goals intact.

B2B FinTech Kantox and BNP Paribas are pleased to declare their collaboration. The plan is to use technology and function having cross-border payments by their side.

The company has been serving customers since 2019 with the beginning of its technology partnership. The company has invested a lot of time in the field. The company got the opportunity to understand that cooperation makes them stronger. It helps in bringing more value to the customers.

A global trend for a remote workforce exists in the market. It includes multiple supply chain problems right from the COVID-19 pandemic. It has established a need for assistance in having fast-paced, effective B2B cross-border operations.

According to studies, about 48% of businesses were in search of improved cross-border payment solutions. 1/3rd are saying that they are doing fine with the current solution to meet cross-border requirements.


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