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Customer Data Platforms Is The Key To Effective Personalization

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Customer Data Platforms Is The Key To Effective Personalization

Personalization as a tool in eCommerce helps retailers to improve customer loyalty They tend to know the customer better using this tool, allowing them to put things in place to improve the customer experience. In this episode of Digital Icons, Eric Archer, managing director of data, Arm Treasure Data talks to us about the way Customer Data Platforms (CDP) can aid effective personalization and improve the customer experience as a whole. He goes further to discuss the advantages of CDP to retail, the challenges and risks involved, as well as ways to avoid them.

Eric Archer

Marketing director of Data-Arm Treasure data 

About Eric Archer

Eric Archer Smith is the marketing director for Arm Treasure Data and oversees all things demand gen and account-based marketing. He also runs the “”Treasure Data runs Treasure Data”” initiative and is responsible for using the company’s own technology to pioneer new use cases and attribution models internally.

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