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Millennials Are The Biggest Customers Of The Adventure Sector

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Millennials Are The Biggest Customers Of The Adventure Sector

With the increased interest in adventurous activities like hiking and camping, the adventure sector of eCommerce is growing rapidly. In this episode of Digital Icons, we discuss with Daniel Walton, Managing Director and Founder of Olpro, a top brand in the adventure category. Walton speaks to us about the growth of the adventure sector in eCommerce, factors responsible for this growth as well as difficulties which brands face. Daniel Walton highlights Japan and Australia as the biggest market for adventure brands, as well as positing that Millenials are the biggest customers.

Daniel Walton

Managing Director – Olpro 

About Daniel Walton

I left University in 1998 with a Degree in Criminology but immedietly went into retail and used the skills I’d learn’t within sociology and psychology to go into business development, sales and purchasing. Having been Director of three outdoor leisure companies in 2011 I founded OLPRO – a true British camping brand. OLPRO launched a fully shoppable website in 2013 which has seen strong growth every year as well as becoming a stronger and stronger, stand out, camping brand.

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