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Bringing e-commerce to life with augmented reality

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Bringing e-commerce to life with augmented reality

Augmented Reality is bringing e-commerce to life by allowing retailers to showcase their products to customers in a 3D space. In this video, Jon Cheney, the Founder & CEO of Seek, an augmented reality company, discusses how e-commerce brands have started using web-enabled AR in their product pages, to make the shopping experience easier and accessible.

Jon Cheney


About Jon Cheney

Jon is a visionary leader in the world of augmented reality. He has been published many times and he and his team have led the way innovating in this dynamic industry for many years. Prior to founding Seek, where Jon currently resides as CEO and founder, he provided 12 years of management over top level sales organizations. Jon is married with 4 children and lives in Utah. In his free time, you will find Jon kayaking off of a waterfall or composing a new song on the piano. He sees the potential in everyone around him and doesn’t accept anything less than greatness. He is driven forward by his faith and desire to serve others.

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