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Best eBay Alternative to look out for in 2023

You may be looking for an excellent platform for selling your things online. Yes, eBay is a popular platform. But you may want to take a look into some of the best alternatives of eBay for suiting your needs. Indeed, eBay’s power cannot be denied, and it has helped several people to become powerful sellers and generate profits. However, in the past few years, eBay has evolved, and several policies have been changed, and an increasing number of sellers are looking for an eBay alternative. The 1op 10 eBay alternatives will be discussed in this article.

1. Amazon

Amazon: One of the best eBay alternative

Amazon started as a mere online bookstore, and now it has become one of the largest shopping platforms and marketplaces out there. It offers millions of products across a broad number of products covering various categories. It is a perfect one-stop platform not only for the buyers for the sellers as well. This is what makes it an excellent eBay alternative.

The huge customer base of Amazon can prove to be a boon for your business. eBay charges the sellers to list on their site, whereas Amazon facilitates free listing. The massive traffic volume is probably the best reason for its high rating, similar to eBay.

Also, an in-built algorithm is out to use by Amazon that helps to recommend your products to customers who may be interested in them based on their search histories. Amazon serves as a traditional retail setup, and here the sales are immediate with a fixed price.

Amazon makes things simpler for the small sellers for fulfilling the orders of the customers on the website with AFN (Amazon Fulfillment Network). Do a little market research for getting ahead in the Amazon marketplace.

2. Etsy


If you are one of them who are looking for an eBay alternative, where you can sell your vintage commodities, craft supplies, and handmade stuff, you can go with Etsy. It is an online marketplace that has been ranked at higher positions by the top sellers because of its simple-to-use nature.

In short, Etsy is a niche-specific market for all handmade products. Etsy allows you to list for up to 4 months. If you are looking to sell your home decor products or your geeky things such as jewelry, costumes, cool gifts, and fashion accessories, and any other crafty items, it is the perfect place for selling all these.

If you compare Etsy with eBay, Etsy is for direct sales, whereas eBay is an auction website and also has better support. If you are making your own products like beautiful buttons, beads, fabrics, basic craft supplies, vintage products from the 1950s through to the 1980s, etc., Etsy is just right for you. You can also stock up on your supply.

3. Walmart

Walmart: The best eBay alternative

All credit goes to the huge customer base and reach of Walmart and makes it a great alternative to eBay. Although it is one of the massive retail corporations in the world, also it has entered into the eCommerce world and is gaining ground steadily. It is a platform that allows the sellers to list and sell products.

Thus, Walmart is one of the best websites to sell stuff and provides a great opportunity to all the sellers who are looking for a perfect eCommerce marketplace having a huge new customer base. Walmart is free, and it is simple to set up. Additionally, there are no maintenance fees. It does not facilitate an auction option and facilitates fixed price listings only.

Walmart is a fantastic platform for established businesses having popular brands. If you have always dreamt of getting all your products in the Walmart stores, it may be the correct method for making an impression. Also, the new products can depend on it for building brand credibility and awareness. However, you will need a clear strategy in terms of execution.

For succeeding on Walmart, stay in the correct position where you can make decent product margins along with competitive pricing, offer good customer service, fast shipping, and track the customer reviews.

4. Bonanza


If you are associated with the eCommerce horizon, you must know that Bonanza is a relatively newer platform but is progressing at a high pace and is most probably going to be a giant killer. If you are a seller who is looking to give a boost to your business, you can consider Bonanza. From almost every country, this platform has more than thousands of sellers.

Also, it has a high rating and is considered to be one of the best websites to sell stuff. And, if it is about facilitating communication, Bonanza was awarded the prestigious Seller’s Choice Awards. Similar to eBay, Bonanza sells a broad range of products but is better when it comes to unique or extraordinary items.

Listing the items does not take any charge, and thus, you can have a higher margin of profits. Most probably, Bonanza is the easiest platform to use for selling things, and its popularity is rising with each passing day. It is a fixed-price marketplace, which means that the purchases need to pay the listed price. Also, every listed item is sent to Bing and Google by Bonanza, and this gives you more exposure.

5. eBid

eBid: Popular eBay alternative

eBid is one of the popular selling platforms similar to eBay. If you are hunting for a platform that facilitates a low-cost alternative to eBay, you can go for it. It is still not a very popular platform, but if you want to sell your products to a smaller pool of customers, you can give a hot ton eBid.

Initially, you do not need to pay anything for the listing on this eCommerce marketplace. It also offers an auction-style format, similar to eBay for product listings. Also, it offers a broad range of products. For the sellers hunting for taking a plunge in the low-risk market, eBid is a better platform because of its low commission and free listings.

The low level of traffic circulating o eBid is a downside. Also, if you want, you can boost up your sales by promoting your products on renowned social media platforms and forums. This will also increase your traffic. If you are looking for a platform to try your luck on an eBay alternative but a similar network, you can go for eBid, because you have almost nothing to lose here.



Being a hundred percent free online platform, eCRATER stands out of the crowd and is one of the preferable selling platforms. If you think that your products deserve fair exposure and you are not willing to spend any money, eCRATER is just for you and serves as a great alternative to eBay.

Also, you get plenty of pre-made templates from this marketplace, and it can really come in handy and allow you to make an impressive store without breaking any kind of a sweat. It makes things easier for you to import your listings from eBay.

It is said that there are at least 65,000 active stores on eCRATER. It has comparatively low traffic and customers, so you can use it is better to put it to use as a complementary marketplace instead of staying solely depending on it for running your business.

For including your branding, the store can be customized as well. To become successful on eCRATER, you need to invest in the marketing and SEO of your store. In short, it depends on you when it comes to bringing traffic to your store and is similar to having your own site.

7. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane: Famous eBay alternative

If you are selling vintage products and you think that eBay is not fulfilling your expectations, you can give a fair chance to Ruby Lane. This particular platform targets a niche market of antiques, art, vintage collectibles, jewelry, and a lot more.

But because it is a niche-market platform, it does not mean that it is insignificant. Yes, Ruby Lane, besides being a fixed-price marketplace, also has a valuable global reach like eBay. It is highly popular in countries like the UK, US, Germany, Australia, and Canada. So, if you are on a voyage to selling out your valuable vintage products, Ruby Lane can fit your needs very well.

Almost every customer in Ruby Lane describes themselves as a “collecting enthusiast”. So, if you think that your targeting market is also the same, try out Ruby Lane. It attracts more educated, purposeful purchasers who might just want to spend more money compared to the people of eBay who are there to bargain. The sellers are vetted, and there are more quality controls on Ruby Lane.

8. Newegg


If you are looking for an online marketplace like eBay for everything related to tech, you can consider Newegg. It boasts of being the best platform for everything that is associated with technologies. Right from electronics, smartphones, computers up to gaming products, everything is covered by this marketplace.

If it comes to worldwide reach, it marks its presence in more than 50 countries and has about 36 million customers. It also offers a fulfillment service that is somewhat similar to the FBA of Amazon. Also, it offers multiple membership options; the higher the membership tier you choose, the more listings, support, and flexibility you get.

The best thing about Newegg is that the visitors here are solely looking for technology-related products, and therefore, you can receive a more defined customer base and defined potential.

Also, it provides account managers so that you can set up your business and get the optimum guidance in your journey. You can also use the SEO guide of Newegg for driving traffic to the listings. You can also take advantage of its merchandising vehicles, likes its multiple seller programs and regular deal emails.

9. Rakuten

Rakuten: Renowned eBay alternative

Rakuten was formerly called buy.com and has covered everything for giving a strong competition to both eBay and Amazon. It is one of the eBay-like sites, and because of obvious reasons, Rakuten is referred to as the Amazon of Japan. All credit goes to its huge popularity.

Rakuten does not compete with its sellers. Major brands like Airweave, Dyason, Office Depot, Dell, and Lenovo make use of this platform. Also, this marketplace offers you a wide number of options so that you can customize your eCommerce store.

This traditional site does not offer an auction system. It is currently available in 29 countries, such as the US. The best thing is that the sellers over here are not in any way competing with the website itself. Being a traditional online retail marketplace, it does not facilitate auctions and provides the merchants with more flexibility for building their brand.

10. Mercari


If you are in the race to find eBay-like sites, you just cannot exclude Mercari, a highly competent eCommerce marketplace. It was founded 8 years back, and it is currently available in three countries- the US, UK, and Japan. The truth is that it cannot give neck-to-neck competition to eBay in terms of customer base and reach.

However, it is highly popular in Japan and is grounding its feet in several other countries where it is being operated. Mercari claims that 1,00,000 brand new and utilized items get added to its catalog every day. Mercari offers good terms to its sellers and is free if you want to sign up and list your products.

It is the perfect place so that you can discover your new look or declutter yourself. It is almost like finding your new favorite thing. It facilitates the exchange of things easily. Also, it is much easier to list things over here, unlike several other platforms.

And the fee is charged only when your sale is completed successfully. Right from the comfort of your home, you can sell almost anything. All you need to do is just print the shipping label provided to you by Mercari and then drop off your package or schedule a pickup, and you are ready to go.


Yes, finally, we have discussed all the best alternatives to the eBay marketplace. You can take a look at every eBay alternative and sell your products at ease. First of all, look at the products you want to sell, and determine what kind of category it falls into. See if it is a vintage item, or it is an electronic product, or anything else, and then make your decisions. Whatever you do, opt for powerful market research and then commence with your plan.

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