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How to Sell on Bonanza Marketplace in 2021?

Bonanza is quite trending as a marketplace for the sellers who really want to kick start their business in 2021. This online marketplace is inclined towards empowering the entrepreneurs while enabling them to give their small businesses a big prospect. Thus those who are thinking of starting their new e-commerce business for this year’s Bonanza are the right place to flock around. Being a beginner, the bonanza selling site can feel a bit difficult for you. However, it is not at all that much complicated like other selling sites to start your own business. Here is how do you do it:

What is a Bonanza Market?

The Bonanza market started with its online platform in 2007. The aim behind this start-up was to eliminate all the barriers of other marketing giants like eBay. It didn’t take Bonanza much time to flourish as an independent one in the market which is making up places for the small online sellers.  The market is highly seller-centric, which is gives its competitors tough competition.

It comes with a more simplified business prospect which helps the seller a lot to reach easily towards the global customer base. Moreover, the highly curated customization of business makes this platform more appealing that easily fits any of the business needs.

Bonanza online comes with automated inventory imports. Also, it comes with multiple products and service editing along with the custom campaign running with literally zero-efforts for the web stores to stand out as a significant one.

What Bonanza has to Offer?

  • Bonanza comes with a free listing of products with no monthly store fees at all. There are no hidden fees that come with it.
  • You can easily make your products go live with a simple one-click, and the company is going to take you for the mega buyer platforms.
  • Bonanza online takes complete responsibility for the initial promotion before you start selling.
  • After that, sellers get the full freedom to promote their brands to build up a healthy customer relationship.

What Place Bonanza is Holding in the Market?

Since we said earlier that Bonanza is very popular as a marketplace, you can simply turn to it to give your business a new and profitable start with Bonanza to shine out as a very independent and business persona. What makes it worthy enough for you to start selling?

Well, as per the survey, more than 50000 sellers of 2016 rated Bonanza as one of the most recommended marketplaces besides eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and other marketplaces. This means you can explore more and more customers for your brand to get a wholesome revenue rate.

In 2015 the company got its recognition as the Small Business of the Year and Best place to work, which makes it more reliable for the independent sellers.

In terms of Customer service and communication, Bonanza ranks much better than other marketplace giants out there.

In 2016, Entrepreneur 360 ranked Bonanza with the title of best privately-owned business place in America.

These reasons are enough to prove how promising Bonanza is in the marketplace. Thus turning towards Bonanza to start selling is undoubtedly very promising and profitable that can help you to leverage your online business.

How to Sell on Bonanza?

Before you start selling on Bonanza, the first thing you need to ensure is a store at Bonanza. Before you sell on Bonanza, you need to start a “booth”. Here you can easily display your items as per the categories to become visible with a storefront to your customers. Posting all your items under one store frond lets, you have the benefit of the terms and correlation along with better visibility.

People are going to browse through your products which is going to help them buy better. In case you link one product with the other one, the selling can be much higher and effective. Setting up a booth on Bonanza is much easier. Here is how you can do it thoroughly step by step:

Step 1: The first step is, of course, the Bonanza sign-in. You simply need to start by signing up with a new account on Bonanza. The registration comes totally free for Bonanza.

Step 2: Then, you need to start posting your products one after another that you want to sell.

Step 3: Now, you need to set-up your seller account.

Step 4: Now, you can simply confirm all your details here to activate your booth

Step 5: There is no need to repeat the process every time you add a new product. You can easily come back and edit the details.

Step 6: Now, you need to provide the shipping details for your Bonanza shop to arrange your logistics in the proper way.

Step 7: You have to include your account details so that you can arrange the payments within the scheduled time.

Step 8: Your booth is going to remain active as soon as you are not closing it on your own.

Step 9: Now, as you are living with your Bonanza shop, you need to enhance your efficiency in selling. You have to leverage your resources to focus on the improvisations of the product marketing so that you can get benefited from a better selling rate on Bonanza selling site.

What You can Sell on Bonanza?

Knowing only how to sell on Bonanza is now enough. You thoroughly need to know what you can sell on Bonanza and what you cannot. Bonanza works as a very efficient selling marketplace where the products can be listed as per various categories and brands. Since the site is highly buyer-centric, it checks on every possible area so that one can enjoy happy shopping here.

As a customer rash towards a specific category, the person can search products by applying filters to refine the product search and add the product to the cart as per need. Also, it very conveniently displays the top-selling items on Bonanza to boost up your sales in every possible way. Here is what you can sell on this market place:

Fashion Items

Bonanza comes with a very elaborated section for the clothing category. The fashion niche includes the items like clothing, shoes, vintage items, formal and wedding items, accessories. Each of the categories comes with the brand, size, color, price, and other subcategories. The fashion section is divided between men and women.

Health and Beauty

Health and beauty category comes with the bath and body supplies, hair care and fragrance items, health care and body supplements, make-up, nail, and skincare all fall under this category.

Home and Gardening

Bonanza has a very well-dedicated section for the home and garden supplies. This section includes the bedding and furniture essentials, bath essentials, home decor ranges, kitchen and dining supplies, appliances. Also, it includes yard and garden essentials and accessories. Each of the categories comes with the essential filters so that your products can become visible in a very effective way.


The jewelry section is very rich for the Bonanza. Here you can list your fashion jewelry, handcrafted, and another vintage, fine, and wedding jewelry.


Bonanza has a dedicated section for the handbags. Here you can list your handbag with your brand mane. Since Bonanza deals with all the reliable brands from all over the world, it is going to build up a very good reputation for your bag store.

Collectibles and Art

Bonanza is a very profitable place to sell your collectibles and art items. Here you can add your art, antiques, crafts, pottery and glasses, sports memorabilia, and other art essentials that you want to sell.


In Bonanza, you can also sell multiple gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, cameras, digital goods, computers and tablets, DVDs, and movies. Watches and other essentials that you want to sell here.

Other Categories

In Bonanza, you can also sell the business and industrial supplies, baby books, electronics, toys, parts and accessories, pet supplies, tickets and experiences, sports goods, specialty services, and many more.

What can You not Sell on Bonanza?

Just like what you can sell on Bonanza you need to know what you cannot sell on Bonanza. In case you try to sell, the platform can block you. Here are the products that you should not try to   sell on Bonanza:

  • Adult contents
  • Animal and animal products and medications
  • Cosmetics
  • Automotive
  • Dietary supplements
  • Digital books and textbooks
  • Fake or imitation of items
  • Currency, coins, cash gifts, or gift cards
  • Licensed food and beverages
  • Drugs
  • Expired products
  • Illegal or unlawful items
  • Hazardous or dangerous items
  • Tobacco or nicotine
  • Weapons
  • Human parts or burial artifacts
  • Offensive materials
  • Gambling and lottery items.

What Conditions do You Need to Follow When You are Selling on Bonanza?

Being a seller, you are not above the law. Being a law-abiding citizen, you have to follow some of the conditions to business with Bonanza online. Here are some of the requirements that you need to meet when you are typing to become a seller on Bonanza:

  • You either need to be a major to do business with Bonanza, or you have to be under some of the guardians
  • You have to stick to your pricing commitments and with the elated discounts and coupons.
  • You need to be accountable for all the products and services you are selling on this platform.
  • Make sure you are using advertisement and campaign tolls judiciously.
  • You need to maintain a very healthy relationship with all the customers.
  • Make sure you are fulfilling all the tax-related formalities
  • Ensure that you are transparent with your shipping and return policies

What are the Seller’s Fees on Bonanza?

There is no particular fee for the list of products on Bonanza. It enables you with the opportunity to sell your products with your storefront display to your customers at simply no cost. You can pay whenever you earn.  When you touch the margin, the platform opts for charging some of the marginal fee based on the Final Offer value. The fee variety depends on the value of the order, whether it is less or more than the mark of $500.

FOR Foe FOV under $500, you have to pay for 3.5% of the FOv as per the standard booths and for more than $500 FOV. You need to pay for the 3.5% of the FOV along with the flat 1,5% of the amount more than $500. It comes with a minimum fee of $0.50

Frequently Asked Question

Does Bonanza come with the registration fee?

No Bonanza is totally free for registration and listing system. This is a very seller-centric platform that comes very easily for the listing. Any seller can easily opt for the free registration to reach out to the global customers and opt for selling.

Can I get any demo on how to sell on Bonanza?

Bonanza comes with very customized online and offline training facilities. While you start selling on Bonanza you can get the opportunity to know much about the modern and efficient business dynamics. Industry experts come forward to share their experience and knowledge, which helps the entrepreneurs grow more.

How do I get paid on Bonanza?

You can easily get paid using your PayPal or credit and debit card. You can use your major credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, Discover, JCB, or American Express.

Can I sell any used item on Bonanza?

Yes, you can easily use your Bonanza selling website to sell used, vintage, or other antique items.

Does Bonanza come with any app?

Yes, Bonanza does come with the Bonanza Sellers mobile app. It is very easy to manage your bonanza business. The app comes available with the Android app store. It is also coming for Apple and the other ways.


The Bonanza online is a very prospective marketplace that gives you a very profitable business with this one. You can easily use this platform if you want to become a newbie entrepreneur for a very effective business. All you need to do is you have to be very specific about what you are selling here and whatnot. Give your business a new start with Bonanza to get more and more profit while having your brand recognition.

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