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Best Payment Gateways for eCommerce in 2023

To run an e-commerce platform, the payment procedure needs to be smooth. For the full functionality of the eCommerce website, it is important to let your customers easily function the payment options to make their shopping experience smooth. This year has opened up a new vista for the online eCommerce business.

So if you are targeting the trend of the 2021 market with your eCommerce platform, then the payment gateway system should be your priority. If you are thinking about which payment gateway is going to be the right option for you, then here are the list of payment gateways that you can opt for to make your eCommerce game more strong than you can ever imagine:

1. Payment Depot

Payment Depot

If you are looking for a payment gateway that comes with the best payment processing method at low pricing, then Payment Depot is the right option for you. Payment Depot comes with easy credit card processing using the membership at the fee-based pricing.

Therefore, the low processing fees can cost you only $0.05 for a month for an unlimited membership, which is a very low price. Though the membership fees seem a bit costly, it unleashes a lot more saving for each of your processing fees.

The transaction fee ranges between $0.05-$0.15 for each, which is a fixed rate. This fixed-rate range is beneficial for the larger businesses that receive a ton of orders per month. Thereby it is going to offer the users a significant saving on the pricing and the traditional interchange.

Payment Depot may seem a costly option for small businesses; however, the ultimate saving is still more than any other payment gateway option available. If you are opting for an annual membership with the Payment Depot, then it is going to give you 90 days’ money-back guarantee for the user’s convenience.

Here are the key features that come with the Payment Depot:

  • Low membership fee
  • Zero cancellation fee
  • Small processing fee
  • Accepts all the major credit cards

2. PayPal

PayPalPayPal is currently the most popular payment gateway option worldwide. If you are a frequent buyer or a seller on e-commerce sites, then you must have been familiar with the name. PayPal is the most reputed payment gateway option company that has a good reputation in the market for its service, ease of use, and security.

Adding PayPal to your site is going to help you to get more customers who already prefer using this one for ease and convenience. PayPal uses a better security environment for the payments. PayPal accepts Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal Credit, Venmo, which unleashes a wide variety. There are higher possibilities for your website to convert 82% of the higher rate using the PayPal check-out options.

Therefore, it is going to give you the ability to accept international payments with an easy procedure. Any of the eCommerce sales in the US is going to cost you not more than 2.9 % at the sales along with the $0.30 per transaction. On the other hand, international payments are a bit more expensive as it costs 4.4 % for the users.

PayPal comes with very detailed and inexpensive pricing and premiums that lets both the sellers and the buyers unleash a good amount of benefits. SEllers can easily opt for payments using this one without any extra effort.

Here are the key features that come with PayPal:

  • Most used digital wallet with easy real-time payment send and receiving
  • Simple set up
  • The completely secure payment environment
  • Concepts a large variety of payment options

3. Google Pay

Google PayGoogle Pay is another popular digital wallet that is ruling all over the world. Most of the users use this payment gateway, which erases payment within seconds. If you are trying to start a new eCommerce business for the coming financial year, then switching to Google Pay is going to leverage your business in any way.

Adding an easy Payment Gateway like Google Pay is going to create an impressive impact on your customers as it will help them with a fast and secure shopping experience. Made for the eCommerce hoppings, personal checkouts, and mobile apps, Google Pay is a by-product of Google, which adds up to its reputation and security.

The new Google Pay API is easy to integrate into your site. Leading eCommerce giants like StubHub have made a 600% increase in their sales as the visitors have liked it most. Google Pay is easy to integrate into your eCommerce platform, whether it is your small business or a large business.

All you need to do is gain access to the API and add that to your eCommerce site to enable Google Pay for your site. Therefore, it makes things easier for you to go compatible with many of the leading eCommerce sites that are ruling the world market.

Here are the key features of Google Pay:

  • Fast and secure payment sending and receiving
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Goes compatible with the Shopify
  • Full API access

4. Helcim


Helcim can be a very premium solution for your eCommerce platform if you are looking for one which meets all your payment needs. Whether it is a good point for the hardware sale and e-commerce payments, Helcim comes with everything that you need.

Helcim offers you a platform with which you can create an online store. This store creating option comes with the payment processor to help the aspiring business persons. Therefore, the best part about this payment gateway option is, you can easily customize it using brilliant themes.

This payment gateway comes with a specialized food ordering store, which can e much helpful if you are planning to have good pickup and delivery options. Helcim also covers all your needs if you already have an online store. The fully hosted payment pages come with the additional payment option to your site, which you can master without any knowledge about coding.

You can easily opt for the integration of the solutions through some third party software like Magneto, Drupal, etc. Helcim comes in a customizable pricing option. The pricing depends on the monthly volume of the sales-based on the price of the average transactions.

Here are the features they have:

  • Let’s you create your own online store
  • Comes with a brilliant point-of-sale hardware
  • Payment processing is highly secured
  • Interchange rates can be customizable

5. Square


Square is another reliable payment Gateway option for you to choose to strengthen your business in the coming year. Besides its in-person payment POS system, Square also comes with the eCommerce option for the websites.

If you are already having a retail store and planning to grow your business to the online platform, then Square POS System is just the ideal one for you. Along with the reasonable pricing rate like the other payment gateway systems, it charges you with 2.9 % +$0.30 per transaction, just like PayPal or Stripe.

Moreover, Square adds no monthly fee for adding the Square Payment Gateway to your eCommerce website. Therefore, the integration of the eCommerce platforms is much easier with Square. Square deals with major partners like Wix, WooCommerece, Magneto, Miva, X-cart, Zen cart. 3D cart, Ecwid, Drupal, etc., if you have to deal with any of such eCommerce platforms, then opting for Square is undoubtedly going to be the best option.

Here are the key features of Square that you need to check out:

  • Past payment option
  • Completely secure environment
  • No added monthly fee
  • Clear pricing

6. Leaders Merchant Services

Leaders Merchant ServicesAs a merchant hardware and software service, the Leaders Merchant Services provides the companies and the eCommerce businesses the essential tools required for online payments.

They come with a variety of deals, which can be easily used for your eCommerce site to make it more smooth and easy for your users.

Leaders Merchant Services offers its users a choice for receiving the free mobile card readers who open their account with them. Also, it comes with an optional free online processing software. Once you are done with opening an account, Leaders Merchant Services is going to offer you an iAccess, which you can use to keep a good track of all your transactions.

Therefore, it also helps in keeping the record of everything for referring back the disputed payments or the returns. Moreover, The LEaders Merchant Services also focuses on the utmost security of the entire process.

The payments that you get using the Leaders Merchant Services are end-to-end secure with the socket layer of the encryption. Also, there is address verification, value authentication with the card verification for an extra added security. Therefore, you can request a quote online or using their phone number.

The key feature that makes the Leaders Merchant Services one of the best Payment Gateway options:

  • Easy processing of the online credit cards
  • Low pricing range
  • Free mobile card reader for smartphone or tablet
  • Robust customer support

7. Stripe

StripeStripe is popular for being one of the top payment methods in the eCommerce platform with its versatility. If you are planning to have an eCommerce shop, demand marketplace, or a subscription service, then Stripe is just the perfect one for you to choose.

If you want to operate your business using multiple processes and services, Stripe has all the best solutions for your needs. Stripe allows its users to set up recurring payments from your customers online. Moreover, Stripe supports both online and in-person payments. For those who are having a brick and mortar store, the Stripe POS system adds more ease to their payment options.

Many brands have met 6.7% of the revenue after adding Stripe to their website. Therefore, you are going to have 81% fewer outages using Stripe along with 24% less operating cost compared to any other methods for payments. Also, Stripe offers its users to have the ease of customizing the Stripe UI toolkit.

Thereby Stripe accepts all the major and leading debit cards and credit cards of all the countries. You can easily receive payment from Mastercard, Visa, JCB, UnionPay, Discover, and American Express, which are popular worldwide. There are also options for alternative options like the American Express Checkout, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Masterpass, ACH transfers, etc.

If you want to drive sales mostly from mobile users, then Stripe is an ideal choice for you. Moreover, it comes with a very reasonable pricing option with a cost of 2.9%+ $0.30 for each transaction. For the international cards, it charges an extra 1% of the cost.

Here are the key features that Stripe lets you unleash:

  • Developer friendly design
  • Comes with the API and UI toolkit
  • Supports the payments both online and in-person

8. ProMerchant


ProMerchant comes with great merchant hosting and payment processing solutions to make eCommerce much easier. Along with the virtual terminal, it comes with no need for the up-front costs for your site. You can easily accept credit card payments using any email: text, phone, or the buy now button of your website.

ProMerchant helps the eCommerce sites through Authorize.net to get the actual payment gateway. This is to allow you to accept payment for your orders from a variety of options like Discover, Mastercard, JCB, PayPal, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, Visa, etc.

Therefore, the virtual terminal of the ProMerchant adds more flexibility to your transaction possibilities using the mail, email, phone, etc. This allows your customers to have more opinions to pay you with ease. ProMerchant comes with two pricing plans- Interchange Plus Flat Monthly Fee and Interchange Plus Fixed Rate.

Here are the key features that you are going to unlock with the ProMerchant:

  • Ease integration of the shopping carts
  • Monthly contracts
  • Easy online debit and credit card processing
  • Virtual terminal

Final Words

The ratings of your eCommerce site are going to drag your business down if the payment option is not easy and convenient. With its record-making success in the eCommerce platform this year, switching to the online eCommerce business can be a very smart decision for you. Therefore, payment gateways are going to be the backbone of your business. Take the right decisions while choosing the ideal payment gateway partner for you to stay secure and profitable all the time.

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