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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos all set to face protests from traders during his India visit

One thing that we have seen with e-commerce’s rise is that the retail sellers and traders are not happy and it is also not that they have not shown their disappointment. Because we have protests from retail traders in various countries around the world including the US, China and India too. One of the countries where traders were doing good business offline was India but e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Flipkart have greatly reduced their business too. Also, they are opposed to the deep discounting that is being done by global e-commerce players in order to attract customers.

At first, we saw that the traders were telling customers to stay away from e-commerce players as there was a chance of counterfeit products and being scammed. However, this tactic from traders has also failed and they have had to fall back on protesting once again. Now, it is known that Amazon’s CEO and founder Jeff Bezos will come on a visit to India. As per the reports we have obtained from Indian publications, it is revealed that Jeff Bezos will not have the best of times in the country. Because we are told that he will face nationwide protests from Indian traders during his visit.

It is also known that the Indian traders’ associations have planned huge protests in the country during Amazon CEO’s visit. And that, we should expect more than 70 million traders protesting against the founder of Amazon. Having said that, we know that the security for Jeff Bezos will be top-notch which means that the protestors will have to be dispersed so as to not have any threats in Jeff Bezos’ security at any cost. As far as Jeff Bezos’ visit is concerned, he has already sought to meet the Indian Prime Minister as well as other officials in the government.

Alf Alferez
Alf Alferez
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