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Facebook, eBay pledge to tackle the fake review problem in eCommerce

If you have ever visited any eCommerce website be it eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, or any other website, you would have seen that there are some common things inside the website.

First of all, you would notice that every eCommerce store has a product listing, price and description section which helps you know what the product is and in detail. Then you scroll down and you will see that there is also a reviews section which is customer’s opinion that they can write down after buying the product.

We have also noticed that reviews are a big factor in helping people decide if the product they are looking at is fake or not. People also see the number of reviews as well as the ratings that nay product has received so as to decide whether they should buy it or not. Therefore, sellers have understood that reviews are a big factor which would affect their sales.

And for this reason, we have seen that the fake reviews problem is increasing on the platforms. Basically, fake reviews are a method in which the product is praised even without buying them. For this, the product owners pay those who post a review and want a good review in return.

Basically, this is a clearly illegal way of making customers buy the product by faking reviews from real people and Facebook, as well as eBay, are now doing their part in tackling this problem. However, this move comes only after they got pressure from the UK regulator to act on this issue. Competition and Markets Authority last year revealed that they had “troubling evidence” of a “thriving marketplace for fake and misleading online reviews”.

As per TechCrunch’s report, CMA reveals that both Facebook and eBay have agreed to “better identify, investigate and respond to” these fake reviews and Facebook will have “more robust systems” set in place while eBay will try to “better identify and block listings” from now on.


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