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Honeywell Brings Secure Communications and Messaging Software to Mobile Workers

Honeywell today announced a new unified communications software solution to help mobile workers better collaborate with each other, allowing them to enhance productivity and provide superior customer experiences.

Honeywell Smart Talk allows businesses to be positioned for the next generation workforce that expects a robust set of communication services. Smart Talk empowers workers in environments such as stores, hospitals, trucks and distribution centres using mobile devices with voice capabilities to make voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls, have push-to-talk conversations, send instant messages to one or a group of colleagues, launch video calls and more. The all-in-one communication solution gives instant mobile communication capabilities to workers, allowing them to better serve customers on-demand, where they are, providing immediate customer service to better improve profitability.

The cloud-based software solution is an operating system and hardware agnostic, supporting Android, iOS and Windows operating systems across mobile and desktop devices from any manufacturer. Honeywell Smart Talk will come pre-loaded and optimized for select Honeywell Mobility Edge mobile computers with voice capabilities, including the CT40 and CT60 and will be available for all Honeywell devices that support voice capabilities.

“Workers today are being challenged with knowing more at a moment’s notice than ever before,” said Kevin Dehoff, president of Honeywell’s Productivity Products business. “Honeywell Smart Talk software, combined with our powerful mobile devices, enables these mobile workers to use a single device to access critical information, make calls and send messages to other employees, getting answers in an instant.”

Third-party industry studies have shown that 48% of Millennials use real-time messaging tools for daily work. Connected and collaborative employees can increase productivity and improve employee and customer satisfaction. Training times for new employees can be reduced by providing them instant access to all the information across the network of existing employees.

The all-in-one communication solution’s advanced security features including secure message and voice encryption can ensure worker communications are protected. Because the software integrates with all call servers and major private branch exchange (PBX) business telephone systems, enterprises of all sizes can overlay any existing hosted or premise-based infrastructure, future-proofing their investment.

With intelligent centrally-managed provisioning, users can be configured to a profile that allows them to communicate with a peer or group of peers enabling the appropriate levels of collaboration. Whether workers are assisting a customer, or a patient at their bedside, or navigating to the next delivery, Smart Talk ensures they can provide the best level of service at the right time.

The Honeywell Smart Talk solution is powered by CounterPath. With nearly 20 years of experience, CounterPath is an industry leader in VoIP applications and has more than 20 million activations worldwide.

“Technology is being driven by the consumer’s demand for faster response times and improved experiences,” said Todd Carothers, Chief Revenue Officer of CounterPath. “We are proud to be powering Honeywell Smart Talk as it provides workers with the tools they need to meet the changing requirements of today’s customers.”

Honeywell Smart Talk will be available later this year on the Honeywell Marketplace, an enterprise app store designed to provide businesses with direct access to software and solutions developed by Honeywell and third-party developers.

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