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Amazon workers will stage a walkout over COVID-19 situation

You might be aware of the fact that the world is going through one of its worst crisis in the last decade or so which is known as coronavirus or the COVID-19 and it is also known that e-commerce is the hope for everyone when they want something delivered because the retailers are told to shutdown but the e-commerce retailers are still operating. However, it is also known that people working in the e-commerce sector are also told to keep precautions because the situation is tense and they should not get infected or else things can get worse.

But it is also obvious to see that e-commerce employees are also worried about their lives and they would also like to stay home but they have to work in order to keep their homes running and that they need to serve the people in need as well. A new report, however, reveals that Amazon employees in the Staten Island are not happy with its company and they want to stage a walkout to protest against Amazon.

These workers which are around 200 of them are protesting against Amazon’s decision to keep the Bloomfield warehouse open for business as usual. They say that the warehouse should be closed and the business should also be suspended as soon as possible. According to a statement by the leader of this walkout, they say that “We want the business closed down and sanitized before we return,”

Also, the employees allege that their company has been “shady and secretive” during these times of crisis and that Amazon is hiding the real number of employees infected by COVID-19 inside its warehouse which are actually seven and not 1. They add that “People are scared, supervisors, managers.. all levels,” . “We’re unsafe. There are thousands of employees at risk.” and they fear the virus will spread to 2500 workers in no time whatsoever if the business is not closed.

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