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eCommerce retailers are only filling a small gap of retail sector as per report

One thing that we have been talking about time and again is that the e-commerce industry all over the world has been booming which means that there is a threat on the retail industry. Also, people are skipping to shop outside and ordering things inside their homes which means that the trends of retail shopping have been reversed and it also means that the footfall in retail stores is going down. However, it is also a fact that there is no signs that retail industry is failing because there is still demand in that segment and people are still interested in buying from retail as well.

Talking about the growth of e-commerce, it is now revealed that the things are not as great as expected. Because while everyone has been saying that the retail industry is not doing great and the e-commerce industry is, the fact is that e-commerce is only able to fill a small part of gap created by the retail industry.

As far as the current COVID-19 crisis is concerned, this stands true as well because the last hope for people is e-commerce and online orders because the retail stores need to be closed as people are told to stay at their homes. But the problem with e-commerce is that they are not just not able to fulfill the demand created by people shopping from home. It is said that retail giants such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and others are overwhelmed by the orders they are receiving every day and there is nothing they can do instead of delaying orders.

So this also tells us that while there are loads of online orders and they were going quite smoothly, the e-commerce industry still has a lot to do if it wants to fulfill orders of people that are traditionally buying from retail stores as the numbers will be huge at that time.

Alf Alferez
Alf Alferez
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