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Amazon appoints Boeing veteran for Prime Air Drone delivery service

You might know that these are unprecedented times right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic which means that everyone is ordering online and people are trying to avoid going outdoors as much as possible. This also means that the strain on e-commerce giants such as Amazon is that much higher and it is fair to say that they are trying hard to manage things but they look out of control right now. Also, the fact is that delivery agents from Amazon will also be worried about their health and safety.

Many of the Amazon employees have already gone on leave which means Amazon has had to hire new employees to keep its service running. But there will be a time when Amazon has to think about other ways of delivery because its employees are also starting to revolt against the company’s decision to keep things running. Now, this might be good news for one service in particular which is the drone delivery system. You might have heard that Amazon will soon start delivery via drones and it looks like COVID-19 will force that system to be fastened up.

A new report from Amazon now reveals that the company is thinking on those lines and they have appointed an expert to lead that department as well. According to the news, Amazon has deployed former Boeing veteran David Carbon to lead its drone delivery system who is a pioneer in flying while working at Boeing.

Amazon also wants to expand the unit so that it can eventually start flying regular 30-minute shipments to customers’ homes. It is also known that David left the troubled airline manufacturer amid problems at the factory he ran, joined Amazon this month. Boeing is also facing problems regarding the Boeing 737 Max aircraft and David might have also left due to that.

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