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10 Best Free and Paid Jungle Scout Alternatives

Before you opt-out of selling on Amazon, you need to make a very important decision about what you are going to sell here. Picking any random product for selling is simply a bad idea to start. In such cases, the Amazon product research tools like Jungle Scout works with the utmost expertise. However, if you are thinking of making a switch to another tool for your product search, then the suitable Jungle Scout Alternatives will be the best way to start your work.

Jungle Scout is always a great tool to perform all of your market research to find out the large number of new products to sell through Amazon. However, it is always a great idea to work with an alternative alongside the Jungle Scout so that you can compare this tool with the results to stay ahead of your competitors. Whether it is free jungle Scout Alternatives or it is the paid ones, the market is filled with a large number of results. Hence if you are looking for one for your best product selling on Amazon, then here are the best 10 jungle scout competitors that you can use as per your suitability. Have a look:

1. Helium 10

Helium 10: One of the best Jungle Scout Alternatives

The first jungle scout alternative that must be on your bucket list is the Helium. This solid paid alternative of Jungle Scout has a large number of tools in its store, which helps you to have a very easy and effective boost in your Amazon profits.

Helium 10 is one of the most recognized Amazon research platforms with plenty of exclusive features. Along with its Black Box tool, you can easily use the advanced filters to look for a large number of profitable niches and products within a few seconds.

Along with its Scribbles listing optimization tool, this software like jungle scout will help you to boost your rate of conversion in a much useful way. Also, if you are looking for a tool to narrow down the keyword research on your tools, then you can use its Frankenstein tool. Also, it helps in extracting a higher search volume from its keyword lists. The tracker tool helps you to stay on the top of your ranking with the proper strategy.

Moreover, there is the Cerebro Reverse ASIN Lookup tool that lets you have a precise focus on your competitors, which is great to boost your sales on Amazon.

2. AMZScout


To make your search for the profitable product niche becomes much easier with the AMZScout. It offers the entrepreneurs a unique kind of UX with some of the videos. This tool, similar to Jungle scout, comes with a comprehensive means for the products to interpret the data properly. At the same time, it helps in keeping track of the sales quite easily.

AMZ Scout is much reckoned for the most reliable and accurate product information and useful data, which makes it great for your use.  At the same time, this tool comes up with budget-friendly planning along with a 7 day trial period. The pricing on this tool ranges between $19.99- $ 39.99. All the plans come up with the product database, competitor data analysis, and keyword tracker. At the same time, this tool helps in assessing your niche properly, which saves toys time and data, which makes it a great one for your business.

3. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher; Free Jungle Scout Alternatives

If you are looking for a free jungle scout alternative, then Unicorn Smasher will be your great choice. It can be downloaded easily from the Chrome store completely for free. It offers useful insights into the products, trends, prices, and reviews for the products in real-time, which makes it a great jungle scout-free alternative.

This tool is simply great for better data and sales insights, and at the same time, it helps the users to determine the profitable product niche quite easily. One of the unique features of this tool is its dashboard. Hence it provides all the useful information which is important for starting selling on this platform. Also, it offers data analysis which is much effective with product insights, ratings, and best seller products.

4. Viral Launch

Viral Launch

The Viral Launch is another very impressive app like jungle scout that lets you find plenty of profitable products on Amazon. The Viral Launch includes a good number of tools to help you to find out plenty of profitable Amazon Products.

With its Product Discovery tool, you can access thousands of filters to find out the untapped markets and profitable niche. It also offers in-depth data with the Market Intelligence tool. You can view historical sales and pierce data along with the ongoing trends.

There is an easy-to-use calculator that helps to determine what your up-front cost should be and how much profit you can make. There is also a quick five-star rating system to give you a better decision about the product. There is a keyword research tool to target better Amazon SEO ranking. The plans on Viral Launch start at $42/ month and goes up to $283/month.

5. AmazeOwl

AmazeOwl; One of the great Jungle Scout Alternatives

The AmazeOwl comes up as a very innovative product research tool that provides plenty of useful information about the most promising products, best sellers, lower shipping fees, along with competitive ones. It also lets you have easy monitoring of the competitor’s products, prices, and on the changes of their movements in the market competition.

This tool comes up with Amazon product listings that you can swiftly browse. It helps you to find out the best pricing offer along with plenty of good reviews and scoring. Moreover, it offers historical data for your competitor’s product listings and at the same time offers insight into their movements which helps you to stay much ahead with your product selling strategy.

6. AMA Suite 5

AMA Suite 5

The AMA Suite is popularly known for its suite of the five useful tools, which lets you find highly profitable products on Amazon research quite easily. With the AMA’s Top Product Analyzer tool, you can work easily with Windows and MAC computer software. It helps you to extract at least 100s of top categories from the marketplaces of Amazon UK and Amazon US.

There are at least more than 67200 categories from where you can find out your top-performing products of any category. There are also options for the filters that you can use to get the top 100 results based on the Bestselling one, hot new releases, top-rated ones, most gifted, etc. For each of the products, you can get much important data like product rank, product weight, product dimension, FBA size, etc. You can also search for thousands of keywords that are targeted for Amazon products.  AMA Suite comes with only a one-time fee worth $197.

7. Scope Seller Labs

Scope Seller Labs; the Best Jungle Scout Alternatives

Seller Labs is quite much an alternative to Jungle Scout with its very popular Amazon Chrome extension. The Scope Seller Labs is a much-accomplished tool to find better keywords for the paid and organic traffic campaigns. It also lets you spy on your competitors with the use of the reverse ASIN lookup tool. At the same time, it makes it much easier to discover various data like estimated salary for each keyword, the search volume of keywords, average CPC bid, etc.

There are plenty of tools you can access while working with Scope Seller Labs. There is a Product Tracker tool that you can use to track the performance and popularity of the products, along with viewing historical trends. There are also Keyword Position Tracker and Keyword ranking Lists which helps you strategically to drive more sales to your product. At the same time, there are Estimated Sales Per Keyword along with Product Research Filters, Profit Calculators, etc. The scope comes with two plans- Essential and Startup. Both of the plans let you have easy product research from Amazon.com.

8. Sonar


Though Jungle Scout does not provide any free trial with it, Sonar does. It comes up with a free trial plan for the entrepreneurs, which makes it quite a great budget-friendly tool. With the very profitable planning package, it comes up as a much user-friendly tool with its featured keyword searches. At the same time, you can do ASIN Number searches along with extended searches to target more useful results for your sales.

It offers a very easy and effective generation of the Amazon listing and products, which lets you have a very streamlined selling strategy. At the same time, you can use this tool for data exporting.

9. AMZ Base

AMZ Base

The AMZ Base works as a very easy download of the app and a great alternative to Jungle Scout to which sellers can have very quick access. It is easier to offer a guide to the seller not only for the products but also for the most lucrative market.

This one simply works as a great free jungle scout alternative with its product finder tool. You can easily use this tool to generate all the best-selling products to boost your sales. With its precise data generation and proper information delivery, it performs as one of the best substitutes of Jungle Scout, which is essential for the growth of your business to the right path.

Moreover, this gives access to a variety of well-known product sources like Alibaba, AliExpress, etc. At the same time, this tool offers information on each of the products with proper descriptions. Besides, it offers great ease in calculating the FBA fees for the products.

10. Keepa


If you are looking for a very top-notch free Jungle Scout alternative, then Keepa is the one that is worth a try. Keep works as a product finder tool that is easier to download in the form of an app or as a Chrome Extension without any kind of cost.

This tool is highly progressive and useful for the sellers, as it helps the entrepreneurs to have a very easy tracking and matching of the products and the necessary product details, which are categorized and based on the needed criteria. It offers the users easier access to the most updated and latest products which are available on the listing. Hence using this alternative is surely very profitable to manage your store properly.


If you are looking for the best alternatives to Jungle Scout, then the above-mentioned tools are simply going to be the best ones. Both the paid and free sites like Jungle Scout can offer you the desired results based on your requirements. However, you need to ensure that you are getting all the features in the tool that you are looking for.

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